Am i wasting my time?

So I've been interested in rap music for a while when I got this vision I never have these and I envisioned a ‘girl’ rapping on a stage with a LARGE crowd of loving fans and I could relate to everything she was saying talking/rapping about “Money and Power” was the name of the track then she stepped out of the darkness and in to the spot light and I saw myself I looked older. She smiled and mouthed “This Is Us” I’ve been writing lyrics ever since my first song is called “Money and Power” I showed my English teacher and she said that she could see talent in it and that I’m sending a really strong message across with my projects and that she can see pure poetry. I’ve never been slightly interested in poetry or rap never mind pursuing a career in it, until I had the vision. But it’s just the studio that’s stopping me from completing my demo and sending it to the professional Record Labels such as Young Money Records. I feeling like vocally I’ve got no talent and that I can’t find my flow, I think I’m kidding myself. My depression makes me think I’m REALLY good at times and then I sound like sh*t. Am I wasting my time? Am I following a vision that doesn’t really mean anything, cause that’s what’s keeping me going.

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  • I can completely understand where you are coming from FoziaRiazz, depression is a horrible part of any illness and it is hared when you have a talent and then your depression can make you feel like you are sh*t. I don't think you are wasting your time, you have a talent and you deserve to pursue it.

    You mention that it is the studio aspect that is halting you from sending your demo, if you can write the lyrics for the rap/song, u can conquer the studio. It just takes time

    Good Luck

  • Thank you ☺️

  • HI You seem to contradicting your self " So I've been interested in rap music for a while" & " I've never been slightly interested in poetry or rap never mind pursuing a career in it, until I had the vision. " Can you explain further ?

    When you had your vision what were you doing at the time & before hand ?

    Your 1st song “Money and Power” when you wrote this was it because you remembered the words from the vision or was it your own " original " work ?

    In your other post You say " About the studio time I've found a studio I just need to save up a little money :) " I presume this so you can record “Money and Power” and send it out as a Demo ?

    Your song doesn't happen to begin with this ? -:

    Money and the power

    Once you get a 'lil they just want to take you down (cause)

    I got the money and the power

    If you Google " Money and Power" you will see what I mean.

    I am not trying to put you down, just trying to find out more so that I/We can have a better understanding about yourself and hopefully offer better advice.

    In your other post you said you are 16 and in this one you mention your English teacher, is this at school or college ? Is there anyone there you can talk to about your " feelings " ?

    In your previous post you said the doctor said " He didn't want to put me on antidepressants cause I seem like a very promising girl :) " When you went to see him did you say " I'm depressed " or did you say " I'm feeling low ( or down or crap) or did you say " I'm not feeling good " or was it him who said " you seem to be depressed " Did you ask him about medication (antidepressants ) or was it him that brought them up ? Did he give you any idea how long it will likely to be before you see a counsellor ?

    Once again I say

    " I am not trying to put you down, just trying to find out more so that I/We can have a better understanding about yourself and hopefully offer better advice. "

    PLEASE keep posting on here but probably better to keep it all in one thread.

    Take care and PLEASE post again. John

  • No I'm not contradicting myself I was in a rush while typing before so I'll explain, before I had the vision I never imagined I'd have a career in music especially within the rap genre. But until after the vision I realized I actually had some poetic talent/ability even though I never took an interest in it before it just came to my attention now. This is how I release my feelings, lyrically. Hope this makes more sense. Well before the vision I wasn't doing anything I'd had just left high school waiting for my exam results to come back. I had plenty of time to spare. I didn't know what career path I wanted to go down then, until the vision. Nah, "Money and Power" is from scratch, it's nothing like what you said, it's all my own :) personally I'd love for more advice and thank you for it, it's much appreciated :) it's at a college and they actually just hired a new counselor but like I said before I express myself lyrically. The doctor just asked me what's wrong and I said "I think I might have depression and he asked all the normal questions any doctor should. He mentioned the antidepressants first. He said he'll refer me and get back to me when I first start seeing the counselor at the hospital. Thanks :)

  • If you do not follow your dream, you will always wonder what, if.

    So just go for it, you will regret it if you do not chase your dream.


  • Thanks ☺️

  • Hi thanks for replying to my post. If you don't mind me asking what country are you from ? I ask because the " terms " we use and the way people are helped can vary very much in different countries.

    Have you written any new songs recently? Do you compose/ play your own music ? Or do you use backing tracks ?

    I hope your "moods" are more stable now. Take care


  • Hi, I'm from the uk. I'm actually working on some projects at the moment I recently finished a song called "Broken Home". I'm learning the technical side of music so I can make my own backing tracks and thank you

  • Hi, have thought about sending your compositions out ( in written format ) to such places / people as record labels, record companies, artists, etc so that they can give you advice on them or point you in the right direction of someone who can ?

    Have you given any consideration to seeing your college councillor, I know that you say you express yourself lyrically, but you did manage to go to the doctors and talk to him, even if only a little bit. Most councillors are very under standing that people often find it hard to express / explain themselves, they have ways of putting you at ease and helping you to explain how / what you are feeling.

    I hope you are feeling "good" today. Take care John

  • I've got everything planned out, you don't need to worry about nothing. I've got loads of contacts within the music industry and I know a few rappers who are already signed i'm working with them. I know what I have to do, I'll go to see a counselor when the doctor gets the meetings ready.

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