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Lets All Share What We Do To Cope?

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Good morning beautiful people I hope you are all doing ok? I am feeling so much better since my anti depressant medication has been increased. I feel I have reached a turning point. Do not give up hope!! There is light at the end of the tunnel.

It has just occurred to me and I just thought it would be a nice idea for us to all share what we all do to help us cope distractions books to read, feel-good films meditation etc whatever your thing is might give people new ideas of new things to try. Mine will be in the comments love and light always Cathy x

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So I am really into self-help books and the law of attraction motivational speakers meditation etc. I also love anything creative because that's what am good at I taught myself to sew this year and love it! youtube is my go-to place if I want to learn anything. I also took up 5D diamond painting so therapeutic it's like painting by numbers but with little resin stones. Alli express get them really cheap you can also get your own pictures made.

Essential oils help to relax am all about all natural products too we don't need to add extra toxins to our bodies toxin free personal care products filtered water Vitamins etc.

I have a long list of good self-help books got quite a selection will put some on here in case anyone's interested A few good books I recommend

Born to win Muriel James, Feel the fear and do it anyway Susan Jeffers, The compound effect Darren Hardy,A new earth,The power of now both by Eckhart Tolle.The 5-second rule by Mel Robbins, Morning Miracle by Hal Elrod. Chicken Soup for the soul Jack Canfield, Truth heals Deborah King, Forgive & Forget Lewis B Smedes. The Chimp Paradox by Dr Steve Peters Amazon Kindle unlimited £7.99 a month read whatever you want. Or there is audible if you prefer to listen audio always sends me to sleep but that's just me. Also often if you go on youtube there is a good chance you may find them there for free :). Motivational speakers Tony Robbins highly recommend he's amazing also Jim Rohan. Then there is Richard Mccann I saw him at an event his mum was murdered by the Yorkshire ripper he has a few books About a boy and I Cann all great motivational speakers.

Also, there is a famous psychiatrist called Victor Frankl he was Jewish and in the concentration camps, the Nazis kept him alive just to calm all the prisoners down as they were being sent to the gas chambers dead interesting and really helped me put things in perspective. As you know there is always someone worse off than you! My friend told me about him last night googled him and now I want to read his books. None of this might not be for you but it has really helped me so I just thought I'd share as I reckon it would be good for a lot of others on here.

Oh yes, I highly recommend writing down your goals whatever you want in life where you want to be a week, month,year from now could be whatever you want health, holiday a new kettle more money dream big sky's the limit! Getting out of bed, going outside! Chatting with a friend, getting dressed,Getting it down on paper helps keep you focused I used to think it was all BS until I started doing it even made a vision board. And guess what was on there me being free of HCV. I have just been excepted for treatment which is expensive 8 weeks and I will be in the clear.

I did this time last year I have already gotten almost everything else I put on there! And the big holiday will soon come its time for me to make a new one. Stick your goals or whatever somewhere you will see it the fridge your bedroom back of the toilet door where ever it will be visible there is also an app to make a vision board or write your goals for your phone.Affirmations are really good too.

I know sometimes times can be very dark! But I promise it won't last! There is always something to be grateful for you are breathing, you woke up this morning, you made it through yesterday, you have food in your belly a roof over your head drinking water electricity. Look outside beautiful flowers birds etc try it am sure you will be able to add more of your own. l will also post some links if I can for some meditation. And please also share yours take care of yourselves much love Cathy x

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Feel good and inspirational films In pursuit of Happiness,Forest Gump,The Founder,Megan Levy,life of pie,Pay it forward,Good Will Hunting,Peaceful warrior,The Blind Side. I've also started watching Miranda not really into comedies as I don't find that many funny love Ali G little britain bo selecta all little things that can help lift your mood. x

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Aye. Boosting my mood is all I want because when my mood is good I can achieve lots of things 😊 helping others helps me but I am of not much use these past years. Im going thru therapy justnow(counselling) too so it brings up negative and positive. Trying to stay in the moment.

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I feel you're correct in many ways but laughter truely is the best medicine. It gives the serotonin (feel good stuff in the brain) a real good lift. If we work hard to get the dopamine and serotonin working, then everything will feel much better, even in darkest most frightening times, if the brain functions as it should with both neurotransmitters, then nothing can bring you down, it's all about getting those little blighters to work properly. once that's done(sounds simple I know) via medication or laughter etc, jobs a gooden(as we in UK Yorkshire say)

All those lovely messages of advice lift those transmitters and connect them in the right places in your brain. That's all we need to happen, to change how we feel. Myself, I'm a bible student. Love history and how the bible fulfills that desire in me.also the future , it helps guide me(personally) to a better place. Gives hope to me and let's me know I feel loved even if I sit alone a lot.

Do whatever it takes. But enjoy what you can in life(as long as its not detrimental to the lives of others). thinking of you and many hugs xxlinda

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Hi great idea. I like to read and listen to music, various artists but sort of all one genre.

I do use mindfulness and take medication too.

Finally I have professional medical support regularly..

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Aww that’s great you are getting the support I also like listening to music I like all sorts of genres.We have to find what makes us feel good and do more of it 🙌 Yoga is really good too and any sort of exercise not always easy to find the motivation but when you do it’s worth it. 💪 x

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Zoea in reply to Mizzkent

Deepak Chopra's stuff is really good. The 7 spritiual rules of success (or similar) is a brilliant book though I admit there were a couple of points I disagreed on. Still brilliant and blindingly simple.

He's on Facebook video and YouTube a lot now too. I think he has a new CD out. I haven't got it --=- lol

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Yes I like Deepak Chopra 😊thanks I will have a look for the book sounds like it’s my cuppa tea x

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That is wonderful to hear! I too am like that. Into motivational speakers, self help books, inspirational quotes, writing down my goals, making creative pictures out of what I want. I'm no gym nut or anything, but I like to try to squeeze in some daily exercises. Always seems to make me feel more pumped and energized. If I don't understand something, I read about it and do research on the topic. If I'm feeling down or sad, I read inspirational, uplifting quotes, if I feel lazy or like I'm stuck, I listen to motivational speeches to get the gears going. They always seem to get me feeling like I can take on the world.

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Love this I’m exactly the same😊 I love to research topics too it’s good to learn about new things keeps the mind active and knowledge is power🙌 have a great weekend 😘

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Here is what I do to cope: I ruminate. I think deeply about life and about myself. I focus my attention to the symptoms of my distress, its possible causes and consequences, as well as its solutions. Thinking deeply gives me a sense of "control." It relaxes me and gives me confidence. Thinking deeply makes me accept "reality."

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💯 agree it’s a great way to put things into perspective 😊😘

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Essential oils rubbed into the soles of my feet(lemon oil and grapeseed). I think it's important to watch positive things on tv and internet and try n keep my thoughts as light and cheery as I can. Life can really bog me down so I need to change the way I deal with it.(easier said than done😊) I do believe in the power of thought. Alcohol is a proper depressor for me n it never helps so it's going out the window especially during treatment) Epsom baths with milk n lavender oil. All these things are easy when I feel good lol. Luv n light everyone😙

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