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What's the difference?

Hi everyone. So this is my first post and it may be seen as a bit of a silly question but you all seem nice enough so I'm asking it anyway!!!

What is the difference between depression and anxiety?

I've been given medication for depression but have been told by the doctor and the lady I do CBT with that I also have anxiety...but I don't feel like I do, I'm not even sure I have either anymore and am beginning to think it's something else all together...

Thanks in advance

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Hello Lrobson

Welcome to Action on Depression, so pleased you've joined us. Please read the Community Guidelines on the right hand side of this page under pinned post, thank you.



Hi There

To get the basic answer to this sort of thing I always start with the NHS website which I find very clear.

From my perspective as someone who lives with both anxiety and depression I would say that;

Anxiety is a heightened fear, either rational or irrational that becomes a problem when it stops you doing what you want to or have to do or makes those things extremely unpleasant.

Depression is a heightened low mood that becomes a problem when it lasts for a sustained period of time and stops you enjoying things that you used to enjoy.

Both feed off each other.

My very simple take on it.

Cheers, Matt


Great reply and very clear Matt. x

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Thanks matt.

My problem is that I feel low and then don't want to go out. I don't not go out cos I feel's hard to explain (as it is for everyone!) how I feel but in how I would descibe anxiety, pretty much how you do, I don't feel like that. I just feel that down that I don't want to go out or I don't have the energy to face people. It's wierd because at the minute I feel like my depression is relatively in control with help of medication and cbt but I am now left with completely erratic and unexplained feelings where I'm really high, happy, angry, down, crying, dancing, shouting, laughing and exhausted all within the same day or over a few days and I'm now worried it could be something else like BPD or (i can't remember the proper name) the type of bipolar that starts with a C and is faster moving emotions rather than massive long highs and downs...need to google its name again!

Anyway thanks again for the really useful easy to understand description...and apologies for rambling (i knew if i posted on here I'd end up rambling which is why I've just been a watcher until today)


Hi L

You write as much as you want to or watch if that is what you need to do.

I don't know a lot about BPD or Bi-polar but maybe a chat with your GP?

Happy to chat anytime, it is a difficult thing the mind, but at least you are aware of it, so hopefully with some help you will be able to get to a better place.

Best wishes, Matt


It's funny how once you start you can't stop!! Cyclothymia was the other thing I couldn't remember! I never know how to approach the doctor when trying to ask 'do you think i have...' even though I have a really good relationship with my doctor I feel like I shouldn't be telling them!

Thanks for your reply again :)


You ramble on as much as you want Lrobson. We are very good listeners here and you can say anything to us and we will never judge you. x


I seem to be getting worse and worse with my's like my speach is hyper and I can't stop myself even when other people are trying to talk. So allthough not an issue on a forum it's not ideal in daily living!


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