How do I gain motivation again?

I really want to get back into my hobbies and what I'm passionate about now I'm working to deal with my anxiety and depression. But do I get the motivation to do them again? Because of my anxiety/depression I always end up procrastinating or doing things that are unproductive in my life and it does nothing but fuel both anxiety and depression. Thanks!

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  • When you feel you are doing unproductive work,dress up fully and go for a fast walk.

  • Pray, and ask for help this is what i do the moment i open my eyes. wishing you well. love grace xoxoxo

  • A good mate gave threw a thought my way once years ago. And it comes back to remind me every so often when I am on a downer.

    That "sometimes you just have to stay in the pit until a chink of light appears, to tempt you onward and upward". In other words don't fight it.

    And it does always appear from somewhere.

    If you ruminate on life where your at sometimes. It does indeed fuel the anxiety and depression.

    Just by fetching up on here you are

    Waving not downing.

    Take heart something will light the spark.


    Throwing you a spark. Or not as the case may be but that's fine,

    These are only short snips. surprisingly enough no 5. is more life affirming than you would think at first glance. If you hack it to the end. You will find it changed to way she lived. Gave me food for thought.

  • I don't know if that will help. I mean, I agree with some of it but it confuses me more. Negative thinking really has only fuelled my anxiety/depression the more I go on with life.

  • Have you heard of ACT therapy. An alternative to CBT. Interesting slant.

  • No I haven't. I have been trying CBT though.

  • i agree with this article as postive thinking has never really worked for me as it says. what works is when i realise that im only hurting myself more by running away or doing unproductive things and causing myself more depression. once i really realize that then i can make changes i do need to pray for strength and make sure that i am on the right track.

  • I was doing unproductive things and thats why i pray as even if i couldt get back to hobbies or life doing unproductive things became a big problem for me leading to more anxiety and depression. sometimes you just have to force yourself out of the pit and tell yourself that your going to do the right things today. tell yourself that your only causing yourself more depression by procrastinating. I pray for strength the moment i open my eyes as i do suffer from depression myself. I get the help i need most days. love grace xoxo

  • Depression is a very strange illness where you have to do something first to get yourself motivated instead of the other way round. The way to do it is to do something really easy ie tidying up your hobbies, sorting things out etc. and this should hopefully lead on to being more active in them. Getting started is the hard thing but once you have even in a very gentle way you are often encouraged to go further.

  • Just out of interest what are your hobbies.

    The thing that helped me over the years has been photography.

  • Hello Marco , procrastination and being unproductive ,or at least less productive are par for the course with depression , so what you are really asking is how do you get undepressed. Don't worry ,it will happen and if you're like me all your interests will come back and you'll be left wondering how could I ever have been depressed.

    As much as you can force yourself to spend some time on those hobbies and take all the advice on combatting depression plus all the medical help you can get. You won't instantly cure it but this will all help shorten the depressive spell.

    Depression always ends and you'll find that your hobbies will then be as interesting as ever, at least that's been my experience through about 25-30 depressive spells ( I'm quite old). The only thing I do find is that I don't get phoned as much by lady film stars when the depression ends as when I was younger.


  • One step at a time... I appreciate all the advise others have shared. It is all helpful. I find if I can do something, even something small but it gets me moving, then I can continue on.

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