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To photo geek and satsuma

Thank you for your replies on my post. I have deleted the whole thing, not because of your replies, but because it was so all long and complicated and maybe not really so much about depression really.

Up until all this happened there was absolutely no doubt that he loves me.

But like you said Hannah, I agree that he should be compromising about my family, because no matter what, he loves me and they are still my family. That is what hurts the most right now. Because I suddenly feel so let down by him that he can't see that this will effect the rest of our lives.

We have been trying for a baby. I don't want my family to not be involved in their grandchild's life, but he can't see that right now.

I don't know if it's so bad right now cause it's just happened and all so raw but I have never seen him this angry.

And trust me at the moment I don't really see a positive outcome either, but I don't know where I'd start in taking a step back from him, we are 3 months into a 2 year contract. I'd never be able to rent again if I broke out of a contract.

But do I really want to be apart from him? I don't know. Before this, I knew he loved me. He understood me and supported me and made me the happiest I have ever been.

Is it wrong for me to want him to at least be civil with my parents? But then should I be saying the same about my parents. They did start all this, and then went on to threaten him by saying they would fall out big time.


Ps you asked about why we don't rent from parents anymore. - They needed to sell the property for funds for an op for my sister. It worked out as a good time really, because we had being trying for a baby and because hopefully his girls will be allowed to stay at some point, we needed a bigger house anyway.

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Gosh, even this post is long! Can you tell I don't post much?! I really need to practise shortening what I want to say!! 😬🤔


Hi. There don't worry about shortening your Post, now I'm not sure why your Parents started to dislike your BF? You work for your parents which is hard because it means you have to keep friendly with them, also your BF works with them. What happened between your BF n parents, that's not clear to be and that seems to be where the problem lies.

Stay cool and I'm sure things will settle Down as when tempers are raised people can say crazy things. Try and take a step back from everyone an look after yourself but don't accept unacceptable behaviour from your BF or parents.


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no its good to get it all out. well done.

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We are here to help .. Please think twice before bringing a baby into the world with the man you have.

I sense you feel insecure without him yet uncomfortable with him. . Maybe take a break and concentrate on yourself and being alone without him. You will reap the benefits from this. Of course I cannot tell you what to do, I am reading between the lines


n1k17a, oh, girl!! I was doing the back & forth thing with my bf, too! I loved him so much (still do), but his untreated bpd & pot use, among other issues, has put him in violently angry moods, as well as attempts at cheating (old guys can't always take it the extra step!). I finally had enough, especially after his sister interfered. She eggs him on & dismisses me. We weren't working on a baby, thank God, but we were working on a permanent relationship. Now I'm leaving, as quickly & quietly as I can. My emotions have been all over the place. It's like bobbing in the ocean & a big old wave comes along & tosses you every which way. You either drown or you manage to get out of the ocean & land on shore. Don't let the ocean swallow you! If you can't put the issues on the table with your bf & your family, swim for shore!!


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