New years eve

I saw in the new year close to tears. 2016 has been a tough year for me and to say goodbye to that was difficult. 2017 is going to be a difficult year because of different hospital appointments, maybe an operation and so many unanswered questions.

My depression was heading on the right track, i was starting to feel myself again. Then my health started to decline and I'm in constant pain which has effected my mental health. I'm stuck on what i should do, pretend I'm ok and stay off the tablets (i feel worse on them) or go back on them and put up with the side effects?


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  • Hello

    I know how you feel this time of year is part of letting go, then grasping onto new positive situations in the New Year.. My life has been very hard over the past three decades and now I try and move on with Great Expectations for the New Year. Sometimes when we have many tests and operations we cannot see anything positive regarding this new period of time.

    I am awaiting an operation in six weeks time, also I go through a multitude of tests throughout the year.

    It is important you look forward past this difficult time and expect after each test or procedure you have something to welcome you and reward your strength. I do not know what the proposed procedure is all I know you will be getting nearer to a welcome conclusion and you can proceed to a more positive time.

    Last night my Wife was drawing up the treatment schedules for me and it all looks so daunting. I try and look on the positive side and I celebrate the day after my test with something I love, in my case a Malt Whiskey and Strong Ale as long as my GP agrees.

    Good luck with your year, I hope everything goes well for you, be brave. After each test you become closer to a more healthy period of time

    I am generally around to chat if needed


  • That's a hard call to make but I definitely would not pretend to be ok. Maybe your Dr. can suggest another pill for you to try . This may be your turn around year. Hope so , Pam

  • hi tanya, i can seriously sympathise with you and the way your feeling. this forum is a good place to talk to people about how you feel, about your health and how its affecting you. as most of us on here have to somehow accept our realities and come to terms with things that we dont yet know the outcome. im sure that you would draw strength from other people and how they are managing. its quite amazing how helpful that is and i certainly feel better for it. i dont know what your health problems are but if there is a name for them, then someone else has had it. so there will be people you can talk to who will maybe put your mind at rest who have been through what your going through now.i do hope that you will feel better. you could go back to your doctor and try another medication but im pretty sure all those anti depressants have side effects for the first few weeks anyway. i try to say to myself im not going to the hospital today or what ever it is thats distressing me in the future. i try not to let it spoil may day. i say to myself. i will worry about that when the day comes. not weeks or months before its going to happen. iv had to do that so many times the last few years im getting quite good at it now.have you got any hobbies? what do you enjoy doing that could take your mind of worrying something that would take you out of your own mind and concentrate on. wishing you all the best for 2017. love grace xoxo 🙋🏼

  • Have you had any other treatment aside from medication (like counselling, CBT therapy)?

    I wouldn't pretend you are ok, I would go to the doctor and ask for different treatments. Just because the doc decides they want to reel off a prescription for medication, doesn't mean you have to accept it.

  • I have tried CBT, i kinda helps but even trying some of the techniques doesn't help

  • Hi Tanya , I can do so sympathise with you . I have been saying for the last 4 years , that this is going to be MY YEAR .. Well it has be set worked out that way . I cry every New Year's Eve for the loss of my father , I live alone suffer anxiety and have a chronic illness . I too have appointments in Feb to see a liver hepatologist , who knows what the outcome will be , Maybe my worst nightmare and that's an endoscopy ! But if it needs to be done they will have to knock me out . So your not on your own Hun , I have had cbt therapy and also a support worker . Cbt did help , but I still get anxiety now over silly things . As grace said , take it now one day at a time , don't try to project on what may or may not happen . It's called living life on life's terms . I do hope that you seek out some sort of help .. Linda xx

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