Hello,I'm new here

Hello everyone.Well,I guess I could say that I've suffered with depression on and off since I was about 14 years old.It's awful at times as I'm sure many can relate to.The best thing is I have a very caring and loving family around me.The worst thing is that sometimes I can't take pleasure in the things I would enjoy.

That feeling that the world is about to end and that everything seems threatening,I dread it.But I have to count my blessings:Family,a job,otherwise good physical health and a roof over my head.

My Mum said t ome recently :"Just remember,there's only one person in charge of your life...you." She's right,although it isn't always that easy.

Anyhow,I know it seems obvious by now that I'm practically incapable of writing a short introduction,but that's me.

Stay as strong and as positive as you can folks.

Malc x


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6 Replies

  • Hi RiseAbove

    Welcome to our Friendly Community here on Action on Depression. Glad to have you join us.


  • Hi Malc, welcome aboard!!! Your mums right for sure!! We just have to keep telling ourselves that. I'm sure you will give some great advice as well as bending a few ears when you need too😀👍take care and bye for now.

  • Hello Malc

    You are the person who needs to take responsibility for your actions and sometimes I suppose that can be difficult. You can however look for activities that will help you move on into a more positive place.

    If you have been on You Tube I suppose that would make anyone depressed at the moment and if you are having problems with content it may be beneficial not to take things in a negative fashion and look towards more positive interludes, especially over Christmas and New Year.

    Keep a hold


  • Welcome RiseAbove you will like it here. Everyone is friendly and it is great that you took it upon yourself to join ... Yes we are all responsible for our own selves .. Difficult at times I know that all too well

  • Thank you all for the welcome messages,it is very much appreciated.I'm so glad I found this site .


  • Hi your one of the lucky ones that have a mum that cares not everyone does always remember that I wish I had someone but I dont

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