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Just want you all to know that I will be thinking of you all over the Christmas period (when we're all supposed to be jolly - HA HA!)

To those of you who are alone at Christmas I'm sure there will be people here to talk to and help one another. I, for one of many I'm sure, will be here.

I'm so grateful for this Group, knowing that I'm not the only one. I wish we could all feel better soon.

Love and thoughts to you all,


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Thank you thurlow for a lovely, thoughtful post.


Thank you furlow , I will be on my own .. Used to it now . Wishing you and everyone here a peaceful Xmas and a blessed new year 😊🎄🎄X

Hello and thank you for your thoughtful post thurlow. I worry about folks being alone on Christmas Day, I really do so knowing that there will be someone on the board is helpful.

Best wishes 🌲

Some may be alone physically, but emotionally we're all here to comfort each other and spend Christmas together if we wish :-) xxxxxxx

Me also. 🎄Nesie 237

I will be alone yet again .. But oh well it just another day. Much rather be alone than spend it with family whom really doesn't give two iron balls about one .. I much prefer to stay away from the fake smiles etcetera .. Guaranteed there will be no arguments in my house. Guaranteed I can watch whatever I want on the telly. Guaranteed I can do whatever I want and not be told otherwise. Just like any other day :)

I'll be alone and here. We are in different time zones but many of your christmas days will be my eve, which is the toughest time for me so it works out. I also treat it basically like the other day but I'm a little bit nicer to myself. Also any day I'm not at work is a good day.

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