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Christmas Eve

Hi everyone

I just want to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas. I know most of you are like me & if we are around our families or friends we will put our masks on & try to or ptetend we are enjoying the day.

For those of you who will be spending the day alone I send you hugs & will pray for us all. K hope some kind neighbour or someone even rings to wish you a Merry Christmas.

I know things have settled down for me regarding my ESA Tribunal but I am not feeling on top of the world. Also because I left everything to the last minute as my anxiety & depression made me take to my bed I am still not feeling the festive spirit. I have rushed around like a headless chicken getting pressies bought & wrapped. My Fibro has caught up on my body & I feel like I've been steam rollered. I will be going to my parents from xmas eve for a family few days. My son will also be coming & that is really all I am looking forward too, spending time with him otherwise I would be quite happy to spend the time alone at home on my own doing my own thing.

Best wishes to you all. I hope you get through the next few days & I will come back to say hello again.

Luv & Hugs

Jackie xx

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Thank you for the hugs, I'm not on my own but feel like it much of the time! You have a good time too and try not to put too much of a mask on, they need to adjust to you as well otherwise it all becomes unreal. You've got your pressies wrapped already!! You are doing well. Put your head back on chicken... I hope you don't find it too stressful, I envy you being with family although it can be difficult sometimes I know. Suex


Awh thank you Sue. Family can be hard at times, especially when they've had a few. If I feel stressed I will remove myself to whichever room I'm sleepin in.

Hope you have a good day Sue.




Merry Christmas to you all i hope that the time spent with family well that the mask does not need to be there, I will be alone as I am every day of the year, but am thankful to have a roof over my head and the love of my pets,oh and we must not forget the bottles of wine that i splashed out on in the fridge, tomorrow is a day that just does not exist for me anymore, i know my family are elsewhere and opening their presents in someone elses home and that is just too painful for me when I can not be there with my children to see them open the presents, I have nothing against the people at all its just that they are my children and the way i see it they should be here with me, so Merry Christmas everyone and keep safe and I will be here tomorrow if anyone needs any one to talk to, and a very special Merry Christmas to my Babies Riley and Shannon and my Baby Angel Jay xx

Here is hoping 2013 is better, but enjoy what you can and be happy if you can be, and to Jackie and Sue Have a great day now my decision do i open the wine or go back to bed lol xx



Awk Helen you poor woman. Having a few hours with my 22 yr old son is whats keeping me going.

God bless you, I dont believe any Mother should be denied the right to see their children, especially at Christmas. Obviously there is a heartbreaking story behind it which is none of my business.

I hope wherever your babies are they are happy & will think about you.

I will check in tomorrow to say a wee hello. As you say you/we are lucky to have a roof over our heads & as long as you have food to it will make it that bit easier to bare.

I will be thinking & praying for you.

Luv & hugs.

Jackie xx


hello my mum died last week aged 86 so my anxiety and depression have gone alot worse not looking forward to christmas


hello my mum died last week aged 86 so my anxiety and depression have gone alot worse not looking forward to christmas


Hi Redroseart

My deepest sympathies to you on the loss of your Mum. This is what I hate about this time of year, a lot of us reflect on who is a memory to us & then you hear of such sad stories so close to Christmas.

I am sure you are at breaking point hun. Please take comfort in the fact that she is no longer suffering any pain & I'm sure she would'nt want to be watching down on you insuch distress, easier said than done I know. She had a good innings as people would say, 86. My heart goes out to you.

I hope you are not on your own going through your grief. I hope you have other family membrrs who can help each other out.

Also take comfort she is in the arms of the Angels until you meet again.

No one would blame you I'm sure if you want to just cancel christmas & do it when you are all in a better place in your mind. Or think of it as a Celebration of her life & think n talk about all the happy memories you share.

I hope you have some meds to help you too.

God Bless, you will also be in my prayers tonight.

Take care & keep in touch, let me know how you are getting on. Its so hard to know what to say.

Luv & hugs

Jackie xx


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