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The Post-Christmas Community Positivity Chain

The Post-Christmas Community Positivity Chain

This is an idea I kind of hijacked from the Anxiety forum and modified. I thought it would make for a good collective, community support thread if we could all post one positive thing from Christmas. I think we could all do with a bit of community togetherness.

So them's the only rules, just one positive memory from this Christmas time, doesn't have to be the day itself.

I'm having a gratuitous moment of shallowness for mine: JENNA COLEMAN!!! :D

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I love the idea of this thread.

A positive memory for me was running on Christmas Eve morning (never, ever done that before), and receiving my new running shirt as a gift.

I'm greedy, I had to mention two positives.

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Wierdest moment: Father and daughter (roller)ski-ing together down a street in a local village

Family bonding: Went for lunch with mother and brother - napkins beautifully folded in the shape of DJ's - none of us could bear to use them and we all brought them back with us as souvenirs!

Happiest moment: waving hello to the sun as it appeared from behind low cloud for the first time on Christmas morning.


Waking up in the morning, snuggled up in my duvet, and the realisation that I don't have to get up for work! Absolutely priceless :)


Watching Pax picking poockets


A discussion with my girlfriend's family about how the Irish historically have emigrated all over the world. Often faced with prejudice on foreign soil they bonded together by forming social clubs. It was pointed out that the Scots have not done this, preferring to blend in wherever they go. We were all nodding our heads in agreement when my girlfriends brother pointed out that the Scots had formed a club overseas but no one liked it so they didn't bother again...….the Klu Klux Klan! Made me laugh!! Less highbrow was the sight of our pooch Bess, stuffed with chicken lying curled up contentedly in her bed, Santa toy lying close by!


Making a trip overseas to see loved ones...

Seeing just how happy they were to see me....making them happy, made me feel so good :)


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