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hi i am new on here,

i am currently suffering from sad, i have had it many years since i was 19, when i lost my grandma, in 2010 i had a break down and was put on citalopram and propranolol, over the years i coped, and now reduced for over 12months to 10mg of antidepressant, but has December approached my mood has change to despair, sad and tired, cant get up, today its been dull here, in Radcliffe England, i could not face going out, i an going to try to go on my treadmill tonight for the feel good factor.

I think Christmas makes me feel worse, has my parents wish to spend their Christmas in the lakes rather than with me, even though i am married with no children, so not totally alone, but Christmas feels very empty and scary, with the long nights, hardly any daylight in the day,

I also lost my lovely granddad, 2012, on New years eve, so that contributes has well, to my depressive feelings.

I tend to improve has January comes in and i see a glimmer of hope, at the moment every thing feels such hard work.


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Hello there gossy1970 and a very warm welcome to Action on Depression. I'm sure our members will offer you support and information shortly.

Warm wishes


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Do many suffer from Bi-polar????


Hi I don't suffer from SAD but I have heard others who do say you can buy a lamp which simulates daylight and that this really helps. They are not cheap but could be worth it for you. You should be able to get them on Amazon.

I am sorry that your parents are spending Christmas apart from you, but how about organising a lovely New Year get together? At least you have your husband for company which means you can get out and about. Many of us on here have no partner and some no kids either so we are totally alone. x


I have struggled with SAD type symptoms for some years now. ( I am in my 60's.) But recently they seem to have grown worse and going off for winter holidays is getting more and more expensive. SoI looked on internet to see if there is an SAD Association or similar, which there is; and they recommend a number of "approved" SAD light suppliers.

So I have bitten the bullet and I am renting one to try it out initially - you can then buy if you wish to. I have used it now for about 2 weeks and although not scientific and probably not suited to every one, I am feeling much better - in fact back to my normal energy levels. ( I am also trying to use supplements of vitamin D most days. Worth a try...


My wife was feeling very down recently and wanted our kids to buy her a SAD lamp for Christmas, I went out and bought her a bowl with Hyacinths coming up and said to her it was something to look forward towards . Radcliffe is rather depressing, try to get out , go to the pictures or a walk round Somewhere else you need a friend or someone to pull you up a bit stick in there, it's good to talk


Stick in n there gossi1970 , I do hope you start to feel a bit better soon, at least the site helps you to get it off your chest by sharing 58wilfred58


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