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Boyfriend left me, I have no one, I'm serverly depressed and now suicidal


My boyfriend broke up with me and I'm severely depressed and have anxiety to begin with, my mom passed away a while ago and my dads an alcoholic. I can't cope without my boyfriend and I keep having nightmares of him. I want him back so much but he blocked me on everything, I have no friends no family and I'm suicidal now. I'm a mess my stomach is sick I want him back so much but he is gone forever and I'll never hear or see him again. I'm not overweight but I feel like I need to get a hot body in order to ever find someone in this society to be with me. Please help.

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Hang on in there. You've another 50 years to sort things out!

The past is past, the future unknown and now is the present which is a gift. Concentrate on the now with mindfulness. Keep your routines going, keep fit, eat well, socialise and life will sort itself out

Thanks so much, I need that motivation, these past two days after the breakup I've been in the gym for 3 hours and working. I can't stop crying about him all the time and things that remind me of him but like you said the present is a gift.

You shouldn't feel like the end of a relationship to one person is the end of your life. It's only natural to feel deeply upset in the early stages of a breakup. But trust me, in time you'll feel better and wonder why you cared so much about that person in the first place. I know what it feels like to have someone you love act coldly towards you and to not understand why. You feel like you're the only person to feel this way but you're not and its just a part of life that everyone has to deal with. I've felt the same way from someone I loved breaking up with me. This was someone who worked in the same building as me, and I had to face every day. Everytime we encountered each other would she would ignore me and do things to avoid me which hurt deeply because I never understood why. Like you I blamed my appearance but it led me into anorexia and self harm, when now it is clear to me that it had nothing to do with it. Like you I wanted to kill myself because I really believed the deep depression I'd be living with for over a year would never end, and that I really would feel this way for the rest of my life. But as time passed, I did things that made me happy and started to forget about her. I now couldn't care less about her and regret the year I wasted hung up over her. I am proud of myself for getting through the nightmare and it disturbs that there was a time in my life that I really wanted to commit suicide. Don't make the same horrible mistake I nearly did. I know that it really won't feel like it now, but in time, you will feel better x

When you give one person so much control over you, your relationship becomes unbalanced. You are with him because you need to be not because you want to be , and neither one of you will be happy. Work on being independent and healthy . When love comes along you will be ready for it. Pam

Thanks so much for the support and advice to everyone, I'm trying to get my ex off my mind but I just find myself falling into more hatred and sadness. To add to it, my dad thinks it's funny that we broke up, but him being an alcoholic only his problems matter and nobody elses, on top of that he screams and throws things when he gets angry at life... I have no way of leaving the situation, I was about to move in with my ex and than he left me due to me having an anxiety attack when I said to him days prior I was mentally feeling better. The gym helps a lot but work, and cleaning remind me of my ex because I always cleaned and worked for him... it's odd but I still of course need to get things done. My anger is even worse now and my hatred for living and society increased because ever since my mom died people used me for money and things and promised to never leave me than they did, and now my ex who promised me he would never leave me left me. I just really don't honestly care about anything or what happens to me anymore, if I died tomorrow I would be perfectly fine with it, it's not like I have anyone that cares about me.

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I'm having the same feelings right now my gf left me she promised she would never and I feel so empty inside I pushed everyone away for her and I have literally no one it's Hard to deal with everyday and everything reminds me off her I know how your feeling just try and stay strong


We all go through periods where our lives throw us a wobbler and it sets us back and we wonder what will happen now that I have lost someone that I thought loved me. It hurts and no-one can actually understand what you are going through.

All I can say people enter and depart our lives and sometimes we wonder will I ever find someone else and of course there will be someone waiting for you in the distance of your life. Your old partner must have not been for you and it was very sad for you that He left you at this time of year. Although I feel life could move on for you so look forward to that new person, the only danger is you go for someone on the rebound, be selective and do look for someone who could be you new Life Partner. The next person could be your Mr right.

Do not worry all will work out in the future, Things always work out for the best


Same thing happened to me with my GF. She left me accusing me of cheating and I never did. Even said she had a video which I knew was impossible because it never happened. It was 10 months ago and im still devastated by it and thinking of ending my life. We’re you able to get through it?

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