Life is up n down ... Like stairs

do you think life is like a staircase?? And of so how funny is it that once u have found the courage to climb and the strength to breathe in whilst crossing and then to be relieved you made it to the top only to find you cant remember how you got there or fo that matter ... Why LMAO ... Wow I just had this pop I my head now I'm in tears laughin ...😄

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  • Haha that made me laugh too !! 😂😂

  • it just came into my head n made me laugh . Is that first sign of madness ?? Laughin at own jokes ..? :)

  • nah

  • :D

  • In a way, yes. We lived in a house with stairs and I had trouble climbing them because of my disability. I fell or tripped on many occasions, just like life

    We moved away to get away from lessons learnt, these lessons like life are great learning tools. Now I have learned my error of above and now live in a bungalow. Still make painful errors, just like being on stairs, life is like that ?


  • Or why you climbed them in the first place.

    Which is worse?

    At the bottom looking up at the climb ahead


    Peering into to abyss below?

    The good thing about stairs is the space underneath. For stasshing stuff or hiding in.

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