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Help! Head doesn't feel right?

I'm new here. So basically I have suffered from quite bad depression in the past (which resulted in one attempted suicide). And it comes and goes. It is never that bad these days. When it comes I can feel it because I don't want to do anything, I eat loads and I sleep loads and just generally feel sad/suicidal. But lately there's something else. Something I can't quite put my finger on. I don't feel sad; it's different to that. It feels like nothing is quite right. Like I'm here, and everyone else that's here isn't really here-if that makes any sense? I know what's going on around me is in fact going on around me but it doesn't feel like it. Haven't seen my therapist for a while but have an appointment booked with her soon. Just wondering if you guys had any similar experiences or advice or ideas on what this may be? Any feedback appreciated x

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I feel the same, eating loads I've put on 3 stone and just want to stay in bed I've lost so many jobs due to this but no one understands the feeling that you are experiencing too, its just a numb feeling, not sad or anything just numb its so hard to get out off, I suggest a walk, I like to go to the beach as I love the sound off the sea it calms me down, sorry I can't give back more feedback I'm not near getting better I'm also new here. Also is therapy working for you? that is my next step. x

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Thanks for replying! So sorry to hear you're feeling like this. I don't feel quite the same. I get on with stuff and get stuff done. Not numb, just not right. Maybe numb. Like I'm not really here or something. I don't know. But I have had therapy for three years now since my first and last attempted suicide and it has helped so much. I get psychotherapy as CBT doesn't work on me. It's definitely worth a try! But just stick with it because it took like 6 months for mine to start working but once it did, it did!


I am so very sorry you feel this way. I am new here too and I feel like you may be talking about a similar feeling I have had prior to medications. I have been trying to read books on self growth or watch positive shows, sometimes it's so hard to get out of your own head. My heart hurts for you as no one deserves to feel this way and depression is hard to put words with and is a different journey for everyone, even though we may have similar feelings or experiences. I notice when I go a longer time without seeing my therapist that this feeling seems worse for me anyway. I really hope that will give you a positive boost to see your therapist. Love and healing vibes coming your way. (Bipolar (current depressive state),GAD,SAD,Diabetes, ADHD, PMDD are my current diagnoses)


Thanks for replying. I am seeing my therapist next week so hopefully that should help. Just curios-what helps you when you find yourself in this mindset?x


Hi Amansell,

I wonder if this "disconnectedness" is not due to a bit of inactivity - as in you are not actively taking steps everyday that will help with your recovery. You mention not having been to your therapist for a while, so that got me thinking along these lines.

Dont get me wrong, I am not saying you are lazy but I have noticed a similar feeling when I dont do my daily routine such as eating well and doing some exercise etc.

Depression is a condition that cant be cured, so we will always to be actively working on it.

Hope this helps?



Thanks for replying. Perhaps you're right. I hadn't thought of that. The thing it I am doing my daily routine. I eat ok and sleep enough and so a bit of exercise. Seeing my therapist next week so that should help. Any other suggestions? Will try and get some more exercise in this week. Thanks x


The first question is have you been prescribed meds and are you taking them?

Then start trying some of the tips that help others:

- keeping a journal

- connecting with nature and/or animals

- volunteering

- also doing something that takes you out of your comfort zone (on the odd occasion) could be exhilarating if you are not prone too anxiety

- massage if you have physical pain

Good luck!


Hi Rick, thanks for the help. I haven't ben prescribed medication. I have tried keeping a journal in the past and this does help. I will be trying this again soon. And your other ideas are good. Many thanks for the help x

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Great pleasure!


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