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Burst into tears & cried all day

I'm so annoyed that I feel sad & low. Im on tablets & have been normal for the past 2 years. I've had 5 viruses in the last 4 months which have knocked the stuffing out of me. On Tuesday I just started crying & felt like I could have all day. Im so worried my depression is creeping back up & dont know what to do. Im in the doctors awaiting a blood tedt just to rule out anything else. Feel like screaming why me. I don't have anything going on in life that would make you sad

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If you've had so many viruses in such a short time it's no wonder you're feeling down. Please try not to feel too negative about this and expect to be falling into a pit again as post viral depression is so very common.

Try just accepting it as such, the result of your viruses, and be kind to yourself until you've got back some of your stamina.

Good luck with your blood tests,



Thanks I'm feeling good today & the sun is shining!


hiya debs,

I agree with lucky, it's more likely because of your being so run down.

sometimes tears can be healing too.




Tears are healing & very tiring lol


so true!


Your repeat viruses sound like they have tired you out and it is understandable that you are feeling down. I find I always feel better after a good cry and my psych says it's good to cry at times. Hopefully, you will be on the way to recovery soon and be back to 'normal'. All the best. xx


Sorry to hear you have been so low - so many viruses in such a short time is never good news. Viruses can leave me feeling low for weeks afterwards.

I get periods when I burst into tears all the time - had to leave work on Monday an hour after I got in because I just couldn't stop crying. Everyone was very understanding - and they are quite sympathetic to the idea of working from home. It might be true that most other people don't feel like bursting into tears but it certainly isn't the case that you are going to be the only one that is bursting into tears.


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