Reality has just come back

Well after almost spending 7K in a matter of a month,i am starting to think oh crap,what have i done,it's going to be tight making payment's but,well just well,really,makes me think what the heck i am doing,

Well on the bright side i have gone like a month and a half or two months,without feeling down or cutting,can't even remember how long ago it was now,feels like a lifetime ago,it's like wooosh and the day has gone.

I do have random of urges to still cut,but they don't last as long as they was when i was down,but yeah thats my random self rant over with.

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It sounds someone is going to have a good Christmas.

That is what I call an impulsive week, We had to buy a new Heating Oil Tank and I thought that was bad

One good thing Black Friday was a good thing. Bought a new razor and a new bookcase, I thought that was bad, Hazel also bought sixteen peony plants as well, I feel the need to spend the next three months in a darkened room, you can keep me company, I am hiding under the bed Lol



Yeah i bought my self a new car,and just bought some computer games,i need to get my tooth fixed because it broke eating cerial(of all things) but my dentist is private,and i am not in pain with my tooth yet,so i ended up getting stuff that i didn't really need,but bought anyway.

The car was 6K add the insurance and tax on top that's another 480 odd,plus video games and a new control pad that was 100 odd on top, plus another thing that cost 152,i will never be rich at this rate ha.

Nevermind a dark room,the next flight Nasa has off this rock,i want on,because my wallet/bank card are screaming bloody murder at me.


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