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Trying to get motivated


Back to work tomorrow but I haven't had a good weekend as I've been feeling low and haven't done much all weekend. So I'm trying to get motivated this evening. If I can get a few basic things done it'll help my week get off to a better start than this week has finished off being. I thought that if I posted on here about it, it might improve my chances of getting motivated. Has anyone else got things that they need to do today (or tomorrow?). I'm only going to list 3 things at a time, to try and break things up into (hopefully) more manageable chunks for me!

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1. Do the washing-up

2. Do one load of laundry

3. Eat something (a hot meal)

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Good question! Going to work is hard .. I am trying to get to the doctors to see if i can get sick leave .. but in the meantime I try to focus on a piece of work that I enjoy or good atandake the most of it in my head ...

My list is

1. Make some lunch sandwiches for tomorrow

2. Early night

3. Have a good shave , wash and pamper myself

4. Try not to think to much or dwell on anything

Working when you have depression for me is the most hardest thing trying to be normal and talkative at work when All I want to do is hide or cry ....

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That looks like a good list Gazzathomas, let us know how you get on with it please. I've been really struggling with no. 4 on your list this weekend! I've managed the first 2 opfrom my list so far, so that's a big improvement for me on the rest of this weekend.

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Well I managed another day , though it's hard to be communicative when your depressed . So I concentrated as best I could on a single piece of work .. the problem I have is people want to talk to you which sounds stupid I know but I really don't want to talk just keep my head down and get home as soon as I can ... Working whilst you have manic depression is probably the single !most matter I struggle with .. it makes me more sick and more depressed ... So hopefully tofler your day was manageable ?


Baby steps with small achievements.

For tomorrow.

Keep hairdressers appointment. This is hard for me due to mirrors, social anxiety, self hatred, blah blah blah. It is not enjoyable. I'd prefer to visit the dentist.

Plant last of the hyacinth bulbs

Maybe tidy house a bit (double maybe)

Take the dog out for a walk

Good luck for tomorrow



Busy weekend, took Pax out to the beach, Made dinner, drawn up garden plans, Sorted the Study and been on Forums.


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Slow down. You're making the rest of us look bad. Pam

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I would never do that too you


Hi I'm Shelly

I'm new here .

I am also struggling with motivation to do anything .

I want to feel some happy

Even if a lot of days are sad

I want to feel some happy sometimes

Does it ever get over with so the moods are not down so long

Every morning it's

Oh no I made it thru the night now I have another day to face

Hopefuly your on your way to a new day.

Good luck.

One foot other foot.

Breath in out In out

Soon be dinner time

Good luck.

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