feeling desperate

sacked from work gross misconduct, ages till appeal so much guilt shame and remorse cant move on severe depression caused misconduct just sit in a chair all day took wine from work and drank it there as suicidally depressed. i am a theith and a drunk but managemenk knew i was ill and didnt send me home earlier due to staffing issues tell me i am not a bad person

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  • You've posted many times before and know that this will have an end. You have said you have another job lined up and now need to look forwards. The past is passed. You must look to the future and do your best towards that

  • i know i must accept that the past has gone. i will try again it is so hard, and worse because i am in limbo.

  • But this episode will end and you can then move on. Perhaps sorting out your next job, working on your alcohol issues meantime.

    Yes it will be difficult but you can do it and it will be very worthwhile

  • I am sure you are not a bad person but what you did was wrong. There is a difference. Of course this will all weigh heavily on your mind and I don't blame you for feeling very upset by it all. Does your doctor know how you are feeling? Maybe a trip to them could help. x

  • i know it was wrong but at the time i did not think of that due to my state of mind

  • Well it sounds like the state of your mind needs attention, in which case your doctor should be able to help. x

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