Bi polar and hanging onto the roller coaster

Bi polar and hanging onto the roller coaster

Hi everyone!

I go by the name Copasedic..... I'm a survivor of bipolar for 32 years. It's a gift in that it requires me to completely trust in God to get me through the tough spots. I like to "graze" through the forum from time to time, but Im a wife and mom and I also volunteer on the local ambulance squad as an EMT. I help my husband at his shop once a week. I know your struggles.....


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  • Hi Copasedic,

    It sounds like you are leading a successful life. I don't have the advantage of faith, but I can appreciate the benefits it has on your life.


  • My life isn't all that successful but I do have a wonderful husband! 2 children ( 15 and 20yrs old) that are spoiled a bit. I spend a good deal of the day disconnected from society as I feel like a misfit and don't have many (hardly any) friends.

  • Well you have friends here my love, and being a busy Mother and wife is a job in Itself and hard , so don't be putting yourself down 😊

  • Thank you Samzie

    ((((((((( hug )))))))))


  • Hello and welcome. So you admit to being a stalker Ha ,ha . Enjoy. I am a child of God and as you know that doesn't mean I have no troubles. Jesus is my go to friend and through Him I am forgiven. So that's one less thing to worry about. ( see saying that kind of thing gets me into trouble, but it's true and I don't feel Jesus would be upset with me, From what I've read He was a bit of a rebel himself.) At church though I'm always on shaky ground and it takes up energy that I would rather use else where. This means I have few church friends because they are afraid of guilt by association. Conforming isn't an option for me although I do try to restrain myself on this site. Not always successfully. I think the feelin is I'm slightly disturbed. Any way I hope you come back. I can always use someone Copasedic. pye

  • I totally understand the nonconformist part! I do worship regularly but don't always feel connected to everyone. That's ok the church is a body made up of many parts.

  • howdy! Lovely piccy sweetie :) I don't have religion to guide me, but I am always quite in awe of those that do! I tens to have the help of a supportive family and a few close friends in my rough spots, so I manage reasonably well :) I've often found I don't 'fit in' with most social groups, apart from steampunk hehe.

    anyway, nice to meet you xxx

  • Steampunk... anything like hot yoga?

  • Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction or science fantasy that incorporates technology and aesthetic designs inspired by 19th-century industrial steam-powered machinery. Gemma :) x

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