Could my son be Bi Polar

Hi folks , I'm a 60 yr old married man who has a 30 year old son who I think may Bi Polar , Our son is a single hard working lad with his own home and no financial worries. He is a big lad but really a kind hearted softie with loads of good friends who are decent lads. Problem is that every so often he takes very severe and nasty moods with me and his mom, He becomes really verbally abusive and wants to fight with me and threatens to kill us both , He also has suicidal tendencies and feels absolutely useless and just sits and cries and wants to end his life .

When he is in good form he is loving and generous but does appear at times like an excited child in the way he behaves, He has been seen several times by Mental health teams in the hospital after having nasty spells but by the time they see him he is just like normal, Does anyone think he could suffer from being Bi Polar, Regards


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  • Sorry I cannot diagnose, I will say however if you are having problems with your Son and on occasions you are concerned for your safety it may be you are going to have to be cruel to be kind, you either get Him to talk to His GP at the very least or take advice from The NHS HELPLINE on Tel 111 and explain your fears and concerns.

    Are you or your Son still in contact with His Mental Health Team. You can if required contact the Crisis Team via the GP Practice or the NHS HELPLINE on Tel111

    If you are rally concerned call the Police on the emergency Line Tel 999. They can remove Him to a place of safety as can the NHS Helpline. Your Son needs help, Mental and you do need to address any fears you may have


  • Hi and thank you for your comments, I have had my son at various mental health units but to be honest they have been of no help to him. He has been seen on three occasions in the last 18 months by the Mental health crisis team at our local hospital. This has been after he has taken suicidal moods were he has threatened to kill himself and becomes aggressive towards me and his mom.

    By the time we have got him to the hospital his mood has changed and he,s back to his normal out going self, Those who see him see a different man from what he was 1/2 an hour earlier. Sadly we had to have him arrested last week after he threatened us again , He is on bail and not allowed any contact with us what so ever , He has as usual denied threatening us as he has in the past ,

    many thanks again for taking time to contact me ,

  • It must be so distressing for you both and I hope eventually they will be able to control your sons negative attitudes

    We are here to give verbal support if needed


  • Hello there. So sorry to read this about your son. We here are not able to diagnose. I suggest your son sees a GP and gets a referral to see a psychiatrist who can diagnose and provide meds if needed. I also suggest your son sees a good counselling psychologist for some CBT. You need to work what his thoughts are just before his marked personality change because something is triggering him. A psychiatrist should be able to assist in that regard.

    Also, if you need to off-load re your son, you can either do it here or call the Samaritans.

    What REALLY concerns me is the threat to kill you. You must very gently talk to him about this because it is totally NOT acceptable to issue these types of threats. Have you spoken to your GP about him? If not, it would be wise to do so.

    You also NEED to take good care of yourself mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically so that you can stay on top of things.


  • It sounds to me like he's more likely to a paranoid schizophrenic

  • Firstly I am so sorry to hear of your concerns regarding your son. Being bi polar myself I can only tell you the symptoms. He would be be either very down not wanting to do much, very low mood and feeling worthless. Or he could be on a high, spending money, giving things away, irrational etc. As you are aware we cannot diagnose on this site. When your son is his normal self, please ask him to see his GP and to ask to be assessed, I would also ask if there is anyone with mental health issues? Usually these things run in families. He does need help, my own youngest son is under a pyschiastrist, he is displaying bi polar symptoms which sadly he will have got from me. Had I been aware of this I would not have had children, however so many young people are being treated successfully, I also have been well now for years so do not despair. I do hope he gets the proper help soon😊

  • bit of a post hijack but just wanted to say you stating you have been well for years gives me so much hope! I was diagnosed bipolar 5 years ago and stability eludes me at the moment, but I think ill get there eventually :)

  • You definitely will get better. It took some time for me also but Lithium was my saviour. It is awful as if you break a leg or foot you get sympathy. Still in this Age of Enlightenment people are ignorant. You will get better I know it😊

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