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Good afternoon, lovely weather today. Going to try and get out in the garden. Still on a downer, hopefully the weather will lift my mood!!!!


Realised my downer has a lot to do with frustration, not being able to do things that I could before. Since my scoliosis has got worse and being diagnosed with Emphysema, I can't cut the grass or hedge anymore. Doing the weeding, I have to sit down to do it and use a trowel. Sometimes I find it hard to adjust to situations but I will keep going as there are people in worse health than me. My sweet peas have started coming through which has brought a smile to my face. I will continue with my baby steps and take one day at a time. :-) :-)

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Good one maisie !.

Sounds like your coming out of your downer to me!.

I know what it feels like no to be able to do certain things !

I ,am recouperating after a car accident ,and have had 4 broken vertibra and am currently using one crutch !.

But I too can get pleasure out of tidying the garden, a bit at a time !.

I was on a bit of a downer this morning as well ! ,but ive just prepared my favourite duaphenwous potatoes

( excuse the spelling ), to go with a nice piece of chicken and some nice mixed steamed veg ! mmmmmm!!! lovely !.

Its funny how little things like a seedling coming through, or a favourite meal can cheer a person up isn't it ?

GOOD LUCK with the emphysema .

Not such a nice thing to have I know !.

My dear old ma! had that one.

But keep yourself well , like you say baby steps !


Hi Maisie

Good, I am glad you are having some good weather, we are too although I haven't been out in the garden as we went to a friend's for lunch.

Did you get outside? The weather does make such a difference doesn't it, really lifts the spirits. It's no wonder you are down if you have been diagnosed with emphysema. What is scoliosis? I don't know anything about that although I have heard of it. It is hard work tending a garden when you are incapacitated in that way as I know from when my joints flared up badly a year ago, and it is demoralising to find you are unable to keep on top of things in order to keep the garden looking ok. Sweet peas! Not in the garden surely, it must be too early, or perhaps you grow them indoors or have a sheltered garden? I love the smell of the old fashioned sweet peas, they always make me smile too and bring back a flood of memories of childhood in our family garden. What else do you grow in yours?

We have a fair sized garden with a lot of colour already - magnolias, camelias in all sorts of pinks and reds, azaleas in yellow, purple and pink, cherry blossom, daffodils, tulips, acers all in leaf and a huge number of white aliums which I didn't put in and don't want but which I can't get rid of and they are like a carpet of confetti absolutely everywhere - a nuisance but pretty.

Try to keep your spirits up. Is there anything you can do to improve the emphycema? I know what it is like as years ago I visited someone with it and it can be awful, but I wondered whether there is anything positive that you can do to help it or if once it's there then there's no repair..

Let's hope we get more sun tomorrow, eh!


maisiemoo14 in reply to Hidden

Hi Sue, thanks for your reply. I've double scoliosis which is two curves in my back, one at top and one at bottom, because the curve at the bottom is visible, it is called severe double scoliosis. I had xray last week to see what angle the curve is at. I'm fighting the DWP at moment as they say I'm fit for work. I've a reconsideration for my ESA in at the moment, I've two weeks to send off a letter from my doc explaining what's wrong with me. I've felt like giving up on many an occasion but now the sun is out, I feel abit brighter. My sweet peas, I grow from seeds, at the moment the garden is full of forget me nots, a lovely blanket of blue. I also grow lavender, fushias etc. Also I've a couple of butterfly plants in the garden.

My Emphysema is a pain in the bum, I'm still trying to see what I can or can't do. :-) :-)

Ah good for you that you can still enjoy the garden. I hope your benefit works out, although it puts a lot of pressure on you.

Try and enjoy your lovely garden and I love your attitude.

Big hug



I can imagine the scoliosis on its own must make some things difficult for you so having emphycema as well must make things even more difficult. Well done for trying to keep a positive attitude towards finding out for yourself its limitations. I love forget me nots too, they are gorgeous, also fuscias, especially the hardy one Mrs Popple which flowers for ever! The garden sounds lovely.x

maisiemoo14 in reply to Hidden

Thank you Sue, its this forum that has helped me come to terms with everything and the BLF. Before I was a lost soul but now I'm beginning to live. The doc is going to write a letter for the DWP, then I will send it off andhopefully my ESA rreconsideration will be won,( fingers crossed).

Hidden in reply to maisiemoo14

Yes, I will keep mine crossed for you too. We can't solve one another's problems but we can at least care and listen and sometimes that helps a bit. xx

Hi masie !

Hey your garden sounds a little like mine, ive got forget me nots all over the place, plus my rhodedendrons out in bloom ,forsythia,blue bells and lily of the valley, the flowering black currant has been out for weeks, and im waiting for the viburnum to pop within the next month, its got a fantastic scent that one !.

Spring and the sunny weather do make a difference,to us .

I too have scoliosis, on top of the injuries from the car accident.

only found out after my x rays .

keep digging.


maisiemoo14 in reply to bepete

Hi Pete, My garden is looking lovely apart from the dandelions. My poppies have started coming out already and wall flowers everywhere. Do you find you can't do as much as you use to in the garden???? I get very frustrated with myself so I now do what I can when I can!!!!! I can't cut the lawn anymore as my Emphysema leaves me breathless and my back locks on me. I get very depressed but now I just accept it as since joining this forum, I realise that depression isn't a naughty word and you can live with it. :-) :-)

Peter good for you, your great. Gardens are fantastic and really cheer us up.

You must put a lot of work into it.


bepete in reply to Photogeek

check my reply to maisie moo 14 ,,, hope it cheers everyone up. ????

Hi masie.

Oh well I think I am trying to get my garden back to the way it used to be before I let it run down a bit!.

over the past three years I worked so hard for the firm I was with , and the garden got a little wild

I was never at home !., always off to Scotland or Newcastle or Nottingham etc etc.

And when I had the car crash , it was treated like some kind of a joke by the boss and management !


That sort of thing you know ?.

I Have been recouperating for 4 months now , and even though its painfull to walk etc, I get out in the garden

and try to do my best ! .

what I want to do is get it to a point were I can easily maintain It because next month I go for the op to get the plates out of my foot ,,, which means I will have to use 2 crutches again and elevate my foot from the ground for a couple of weeks until the stitches heal again.

Its good to see the buds coming through !

Spring lifts my heart.

Im looking out on to my back garden now on to the open fields at the back , theres an old hawthorn tree just beyond my boundery which is in full leaf now ,,, I love that tree espiecially when it goes into its full white bloom .

Its a shame really because it wont be there for much longer , ,,, the land is due for redevelopment and it will probably be cut down soon .

Its just like us guys ,,, you get to a certain age ,,,, and theres always someone whos ready to cut you down .

Is there some one who can help you cut the lawn masie ?.

I started to do mine by sitting on a bench and doing a bit at a time.

I have a lightweight hover mower which does the trick .

the edges I do with hand shears sitting on the same bench,,, and the borders I sort of cut the top soil up with a twist action tool which does the job for now.

If you look around theres all sorts of devices you can use.

Its hard on the back I know but its also good exercise for the surrounding muscles, I think your doctor would agree !.

I was having a little laugh at my little staffie today,, hes sitting there on the garden path sunbathing and watching a pheasant walking along the top of my fence ,,then all of a sudden he made a run for it ! ,, hes 16 now ! but he cant half shift when he wants too.

Hes gonna do that one day and have a heart attack ,, bless him

ANYHOOO ! Its early evening now ,,,,Another day without too much anxiety!!.

And tomorrows another day!! ,,,,bring it on .

pete x

maisiemoo14 in reply to bepete

Thank you, you cheered me up. I've 3dogs, the oldest one who's a 14yr old Cairn Terrier was poorly last week, she's on the mend now. My daughters boyfriend said he will cut the lawn for me, so at least that will be done.

Tomorrow, back in the garden I go, tidy my hanging baskets and watch my dogs play.

I'm not going to let this Emphysema rule my life, I love it when the sun is out, the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming and my dogs are playing. Take care :-) :-) :-)

Well done masie ,,, well done ! And good night.

Pete x

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