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thank you.. feeling a bit better today

Its been really nice to see so many people reach out to me after sharing my first post, just wanted to say thank you to you all. I hope that I can give some useful advice and lend an ear to you when you need it too.

Feeling a little better about things today. I went to the cinema with my friend to watch I, Daniel Blake and it was very harrowing and saddening but a very good film, pointed out a lot of flaws with the whole UK benefits system some of which I have experienced myself, which was oddly comforting to see. I would not recommend watching it if you are already in a low mood though. I also met up with my new band and enjoyed playing some music together. Having band practice to look forward to every week is the start of giving my life a little bit more structure again even if I am not in work.

I am waiting to hear back about a job still, but I was contacted today by the manager after sending an email. He let me know that there has been a delay in the process which has eased my mind as I have been non-stop worrying that they were just brushing me off.

I also had a good long cuddle with my cat, Humbug, because cat cuddles always help!

I guess it shows what a difference a day can make. I hope you are all doing ok.

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It's great to hear that you're feeling more positive today! :) Online communities like this one really do make a difference.


Hey that's good you are in a band .. I am a singer/songwriter ;)

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Great, trying and using diversions, I have just replied to you.

Good Luck and remain positive, we are here to talk


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