Bit of a weird post

Don't mind me i just need somewhere to quickly place my thoughts so i can stop thinking about it and try and get on with my work😂

Driving to work today i saw a cat walking alongside the countrylane road, i saw it ages back so i brang my car down to a crawl so if need be i could stop easily, the car in front of me slowed down but carried on going at a good 20mph. they went to go wide of the cat but they saw a car in the opposite way in the distance and just threw their car into the side, going into the cat. I couldnt believe it the opposite car was ages away and they were going slow too! I came to a stop and the cat was facing my car but it's face was frozen in an expression with it's eyes wide open so i presumed the poor little thing had died. I was about to get out but the woman that hit it got out and approached it and the driver behind me was getting annoyed so i drove off.

Now i can't help but think what if that woman left it there instead of at least moving it out of the way or knocking on the door of the nearby house. All i can think of is it's little face which is sending me into tears every time. This sounds dramatic but i adore animals, i have cats and dogs and they are literally my children to me. I just wish i stopped and got out, maybe the cat was just in shock and i could have drove it to the vets. Maybe if i wasn't so worried about being late for work i could have stopped and knocked around asking for the owners. I just feel so guilty that it could have been alive still. Again i know this is a silly post but it's been upsetting me all day and i needed to get it off of my mind.

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  • Oh how shocking. I would be feeling exactly the same as you. I think the driver probably feels worse though as it was them who hit the cat. They obviously cared because they tried to avoid it, then got out to see if it was ok or not. If they are that caring then I am sure they moved if off the road onto the side. That would be a normal reaction and certainly you and I would both do that.

    At least it was quick I guess so the poor cat didn't suffer. That is a blessing.

    I have a young cat who crosses roads (only minor ones) and my heart is in my mouth when I see him do it. A friend of mine was driving down a busy main road (goodness knows how my cat got there!) and saw him running across it. She said all the drivers slowed down to avoid hitting him and I am so grateful they did. He was very lucky. She said he ran back across the road too and was so scared he ..... himself! Good. It might teach him to stay away from there in future.

    Well done for doing your best for the cat. You couldn't have done any more.

  • They looked very upset when they got out of the car too, i think i'm just thinking worst case scenarios! Ive only been driving under a year and ive never hit an animal but the day i do will be horrific, i don't think i'll ever be able to forgive myself!

    We have recently moved to a place that sits next to a country lane which is very quiet but you can do 60 on it so people fly down it as it's a long stretch, my cats are starting to adventure out and i panic whenever they even go near the fence! My mum was looking after my dog who is my absolute baby, i adore him, and he got out onto the road! She heard a car stop and thought it was weird as no one stops and saw him just sitting in the road staring at the car! I'm so thankful they stopped and didn't just continue flying along as he looks like a rabbit from a distance!

    I'm just thinking of the poor owners which makes me go into floods of tears😂😭 why do i have to have so much empathy

  • A friend and I once found a dead cat in a park. Well only the front half of it. Something had snapped it in half and the back bit was missing. It was very traumatic. We later heard someone's cat which fitted the description was missing. We told the owner we had maybe found his cat but not of course what had happened to it. I hope he never found out...

  • Oh my that sounds horrific! Yes it's nice for the owners to have closure ( A cat of mine went missing and it was horrible not knowing if it wandered off and just waiting for it to come back or if it's dead somewhere) but also good they didnt have to know the poor way it died :(

  • That's what we thought. I still think about it and your story brought it back. None of my cats has ever gone missing thank goodness but a friends did. We searched for it for ages and she said the same as you.

    I had a neighbour many years ago who would get kittens - one she decapitated putting the sofa bed up and one she drove mad. The others left as soon as they could! Didn't blame them.

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