Thank you everyone

Thank you everyone

Thank you to everyone who commented or messaged me.

Ive been in bits for days, went the gym last night and forgot about it all for a bit then dreaded coming hit me like a tonne of bricks again. Felt like the way i used to dread coming home when my dad was there.

My mum took him to the vets again today and has to take him again on sat.

Hes not the same cat but hes still interested but like hes not got the full energy from like a few weeks ago.

I dont want to get my hopes up but think we are just going to take it day by day.

I had a panic attack on sunday i couldnt breathe from crying - my face ached so bad like to the point i had to take tablets. I was nearly sick, i was a state. tried to keep it together for work but got upset when i got home...then i went the gym.

Reading everyones comments was so hard and upsetting but thank you to everyone for caring and offering support. I know its hard to know what to say so i appreciate that.

I hope you will all still be there for me when its time. I love him so much.


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7 Replies

  • What a lovely picture! You're both very pretty :) x

  • I do feel for you. I love cats and currently have one. He is 17 and in good health but I dread the day...My old beloved cat was 17 when he died and I was devastated. I knew it was coming but that doesn't help does it? You just have to comfort yourself with what a good life they had and what a brilliant pet they were. You can't ask more than that can you? They go up to catty heaven and I firmly believe you meet them again when it's your turn. Make the most of the time you have left with your beloved cat. My thoughts and good wishes are with you.

    Bev xxxxxx

  • Lovely photo... a keeper. Hugs and thoughts to you. Love Julie xx

  • Zoe that's a gorgeous photo. Enjoy every moment with him.

    Give him a cuddle from me.


  • Hi Lush, what a lovely picture. I have been thinking about you. Make the most of the time you have with him, give him lots of fuss for me.

    Big hugs

    Jules x

  • Glad that it wasn't quite as bad as you thought and you will be able to spend some more time together.

  • What a gorgeous cat, is he Siamese? We used to have that breed and now have Burmese, they are all highly intelligent and absolutely gorgeous. The photo is really lovely, I do hope he picks up again but if not that he died speedily and painlessly. ~Each time one of ours dies we feel broken-hearted but always get more and love them too so I guess it is always worthwhile loving even when we also have to lose. Give him lots of cuddles and you have a hug from me too. Suexxx

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