Trying too reduce meds

Last night I thought we was going to struggle has my wife could not has she not long come out of hospital and took all her med but we was lucky she had some spar meds

And with help of a phone call and an other hot chocolate my wife and I managed to get some lovely sleep and big thank you to the nurse who helped and advised what too do

So it looks like we won't be able reduce her meds like we was hopeing too , we are going to give it an other week till we try again in reducing her meds

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  • Hi I am sorry to hear this. Are you trying to reduce her meds on her doctors advice? If not then I would check with them first.

    The usual rule is you need to feel better for around 6 months before you try, and then it should be done under the guidance of a doctor. x

  • It's been done under medical advice by nurse and doctor

  • It's been done medical advice by nurse and doctor

  • Ok fair enough. I am surprised though if she isn't feeling a lot better. Let us know how she gets on. x

  • She was a bit down so I put back on the tablet that was being reduced so see how it goes when she sees the nurse tomorrow from the team

  • she off 1 lot of tablets and off olanzapine has she on Haloperidol and she slowly back too work this week start on 1 day then on holiday the on 2 days then on 3 days then back on 4 days a week but see how my wife gets on it hasn't been easy the last few days but hopefully keep chatting we will get there fingers crossed