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Locked up inside my head

I have numerous mental and physical disabilitys I have no one no help I'm sick of King in fear of myself ,I have adult ADHD complex PTSD And personality disorders to many to say have no clue about my health as I have comorbidities whatever that means I am at the bottom of dis pare fear pain and sick of asking begging I don't no what I'm doing any more please can't live like this no support worker I am confused even more than ever

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hey please stay strong okay. I know you must be feeling confused and isolated right now but you can work your way through this. This website offers so much support, meaning that you have an outlet where you can ask for help without being judged.

Keep going, you will get through this.


Thanks I been in hell along time yrs and now inprisoned in me own house as of emotional abuse never go out can't take the knock backs thankyou I appreciate your reply


there is a lot of help within society, I hope you find a way to reach out and find support that can get you back to where you want to be.

Keep going, and keep your head held high x

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Thank you


Visit healthunlocked.com/adult-adhd for other adults with ADHD.


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