Hi guys just an update, I'm back on tablets now 50mgs sertralaine, and ive had to blackouts/fainted s been to hospital for an ECG and find out it tomorrow if theres anything misbehaving anywhere, I had 2 blackouts, I was walking, next thing I know I'm on the ground, the 2nd time I must have fell and ripped loads of skin and cut my hands and left knee but I cnt remember anything that's what scares me, then the 2nd time I had a massive panic attack, major sweating, and drunk 4-5 pints of water straight of, please if anyone has had anything similar or knows anything about whats going on please message me.

Take care people xxx

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  • That is a frightening experience. I'm sure they will sort it out soon. In the mean time don't go out alone, or drive, or handle machinery . I'm thinking this sounds like a perfect time to chill out. Let us know how it goes. Pam

  • Hi ive had2 more blackouots since my last post, I got results back and bloods are fine but theres possible inflammation round the sac of my heart, so waiting for appointment to go see a specialist and also a scan of my head too see if theres anything unusual, just gets better x I hope everyones ok

  • Hi Phil, So now you get to play their game...Take A Test And Wait And See, Take A Test And Wait And See etc. It's a hard game to play so take it easy and try not to stress. I've had several MRI and CT scans, some Ehcoheart test, they're a piece of cake. It's the waiting that makes you crazy so just keep posting Pam

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