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  • Hi Sandraan, I couldn't give any advice on antidepressants as I have never coped with any of them I'm afraid. But for what it's worth I have come across a few things that help with sickness, ginger is amazing for settling the tummy and seems to help with the feeling of nausea, either hot ginger tea or cold ginger ale. It's also a good idea to get some isotonic sports drinks if you are having appetite problems, as these help with both energy levels and dehydration.

    I hope the side affects soon pass and the meds help xxx.

  • Thank you Ladeda, so very much for taking the time to reply I really do appreciate it thank you il will get both them ginger drinks tomorrow thank you, hope you are ok

  • Hello Sandra

    discuss again with your GP on Monday, three weeks is not that long although if the problem is so severe, another medication may be much better. They could reduce your dose to a lower level.

    There are other drugs they could try you on if the contraindication is so marked

    Good Luck


  • Thank you Bob for taking the time to reply it does bring so much comfort when struggling so badly, oh Bob I just want this one to kick in, I couldn't bare to have to stop and start another one AGAIN, but I do understand totally what you mean, and agree with you but I know my GP will say give it more time to work, but you know what Bob me and her both know 75 mg ( the second Strengh ) is not strong enough to deal with my depression, but the side effects are that bad noway can they be increased now, I'm so very grateful for your advice, I hope you understand I'm just sharing with you how I feel, hope you are ok Bob, I know your not well, but always there to help and support others, I for one Thank you

  • Hi Sandraan I agree with the others. Oh by the way you don't have to use capital letters to get your post noticed! It just makes the eyes ache trying to read it... Bev x

  • Hey there my thing with taking new meds is that they should start you off on a low dose to minimize the amount of side effects .... Once your body makes its adjustments to the new meds then you can up the dose to the prescribed dose amount always consult with your Doctor when making this changes .... Hope all is well and take care God Bless

  • Hello

    Generally the GP and CPN will start on a lower dose of medication before a decision of increasing medication is taken. It all depends on the mental health of the sufferer.

    Sometimes if they do start on a smaller dose before the full dose it can take longer for the patient to respond to the higher dose of medication.

    Over the years I am on Opiate medications and have been instructed to control my medications, with AD this can be very problematic. Many patients are on the drug for a shortened period of time or sometimes they may need to be introduced at various times throughout their lives. I suppose this is one of the reasons why the drug can be introduced at a higher dose to shorten the period of AD medications


  • Hi Bob, I have just read the least side effects to venlafaxine apart from one I have them all about (10) Symptoms I'm trying to think positive and think they are going to work, and it's natural to be experiencing the side effects going into week three, what do you think ?? Although Bengal has messaged me and said they had the same symptoms as I am and had to stop them at six weeks, I'm panicing Bob as I'm desperate for them to kick in and work ???

  • Hello Sandra

    You have been on the increased dose for three weeks ?.

    You are feeling stressed with the dose and contraindications so I would advise you make an appointment to see your GP. If it is going to take time for that appointment ask to see any GP in Practice. One other way is tomorrow ask for a telephone call from your GP, some practises will do that for you at a prearranged time so you can explain your concerns. He should suggest a way forward and put your mind at rest. The increased dose of medication may need time to work, although you rightly want to put your mind to rest, your GP is there to do that

    Good luck, always around


  • Bob I agree with you 100% but I know she'll say ( I'm only just going into my third week ) that I haven't gave it enough time I was there last Monday to increase them we stayed at the same ( second strenght dose) and to go see her when the 28 days supply has finshed, Bob I agree with you but I have only been seeing this GP since August SHE is a knew doctor and really dose want to help get me better and I do believe in her, but every time I go she says I have to be patient, ( that Rome wasn't built in a day ) I'm not complaining about her, and agree with you, but I know what she'll say, also Bob if I be honest with you if she says to start on another I just don't no wether I can cope with changing again, Iv cried yesterday and today ( which I can not normally do as the antidpressant usually block my emotions) but I really do appreciate your advice and agree with you, but I know what the out come will be, give them another two weeks, come back then see if any better, if not we will try something else. Thanks so much Bob I value your replies it mean so much.

  • Thank you spomales, yes my GP started me on the first dose and I'm now on the second dose, I was suppose to go up a dose last Monday but the side effects are that bad Iv have stayed on the second strengh, but the least side effects to venlafaxine I have them all, I'm just hoping that's a good thing for now as there working ( wishful thinking on my behalf )

  • Hi Sandraan,I had the very same problem with venlaflaxine it was hell the side effects.I tried to stay on them for about six weeks but had to give them up.I felt sickall the time,headaches etc I would never go on them again!

  • Oh thank you so very much Bengal, I just wanted tip hear that from somebody, I'm blaming reduceing from one to start on another, oh Bengal I don't no wether I could do it all AGAIN I'm just so desperate for these to kick in and work I'm just going into my third week. I know of I go my doctors next week she'll say I haven't give them enough time to work. Thank you so much your the first to let me know, you felt like me,

  • Bengal, what did you go on after stopping the venlafaxine. ???

  • I went on lofepramine after venlaflaxine,like you I dreaded going through every thing again. infact I dont know how many different meds I tried last year, it was horrendous.Ive come to the conclusion nothing does me any good because when i try to get rid of the depression with meds i end up with severe anxiety whats worse.Dont go by me though because im getting old and maybe cant tolerate pills now.Just have faith you will get through this i can assure you,its just early days yet.Ill be thinking of you .Take care

  • Hi Sandraan. Years ago I was changed to Prozac and was so ill for weeks and tried to persevere. I asked my local chemist and she told me to go to Doctors and ask to be put on Lustral. The Doctor gave me Lustral( it was about 17 years ago so they may be obsolete now) I was fine on them. I used to take venlafaxine no probs. A friend takes 150 with no side effects. Everyone is different but glad to say I am great now after 6 weeks of bad depression.

    Let me know if you want to meet me in Liverpool at the new Weatherspoons at Lime St Station. I live in Wigan but come to Liverpool on the train a lot

    Take care love Lin xx

  • Hi Sandraan,

    I agree speak to your GP everyone is difference and it can take time to find the right medication for you. I had back side effects from another drug my GP had me on before I started on venlafaxine, but I know for my friend that she had no side effects from that other drug as we unfortunately having to take them at the same time and they worked for her.

    Hope you find something that works for you.

  • Thank you for taking the time to reply xx

  • Hi Sandraan,

    This is a long post - sorry! I've been on 300mg of Venlafaxine for a few years now, and I had hardly any side effects when I started it. I've taken almost every antidepressant in existence over the last 25 years, and every class as well. I have bipolar disorder, not major depressive disorder, which is what I'm assuming you suffer from, and apparently the depressions are slightly different in bipolar disorder. So my advice might not help you significantly. However, as you are having such a severe reaction to Venlafaxine, it seems to me that any benefits of an improvement in your mood (which is not guaranteed) are far outweighed by the extremely unpleasant and disabling symptoms you are suffering. I know these drugs take at least two weeks to have any noticeable effect, but quite honestly, I would be very tempted to stop the Venlafaxine and try another antidepressant, maybe from another class. Venlafaxine is a Selective Norepinaphrine Uptake Inhibitor (SNRI) and acts on a chemical in the brain called a neurotransmitter, in this case Norepinaphrine. A much more widely used drug is called an SSRI, which acts on seratonin, a different neurotransmitter. I know I'm going into a lot of detail, but I'm trying to explain that other classes of drugs might well suit you much better. You should ask your GP why she thinks that Venlafaxine is the right drug for you, and be prepared to push for an alternative. I, for one, would not tolerate the symptoms you are describing for more than a few days, and would ask to be prescribed a different drug. You don't mention if you've taken other antidepressants before, but if this is your first experience of them, the ghastly side effects might put you off taking any others, and that would not be helpful. Try an SSRI, maybe, and see how you get on. Tricyclics are another class entirely, and can be very effective, even though they are a lot older than SSRIs or SNRIs. Tricyclics can also have side effects, the main one being a dry mouth. Personally, I no longer agree to take any medication nowadays until I've researched it thoroughly, and if the listed side effects are ones that I won't tolerate, I refuse to take it. There are so many alternatives out there, and I strongly suggest that you try them. I can tell you more about classes of antidepressants if you'd like me to, and tell you the main side effects of each one so you can make an informed decision. I'm happy for you to contact me privately if you want to discuss anything. Good luck with your doctor! Xx

  • Hi piglet, thank you for replying and all that great information, I have been on antidpressant for twenty eight years and over that time I think Iv been on four different types each time theyhave worked many many years, i have been on sertraline since January and increased to 200mg I went to my GP and we agreed to go on another she suggested one but it was a weight gaing ( I didn't want that ) so she gave me venlafaxine 37,5 for a week then 75mg I went last Monday to see her she was going to Increase to 150 but because the side effects was so bad, she Said finish the month and come back, I v got six tablets left so il have to go see her the end of this week and see ?? To be honest with you piglet Iv reduced down the sertraline twice to start the venlafaxine ( first time I reduced right down ready to start but my GP wanted a second opinion on starting on venlafaxine) so I went back to 200mg then 2weeks later back to reducing again, I really don't want to go through all the hassle again of reducing and starting, I really just want this to work, piglet I know the strength I am on now is to low as I am really low it's not enough, also I have has for two years now I'm am going though the menapores and need HRT or something I think this is why I'm not getting well I'm not get treated for the correct symptoms but because my blood test KEEP coming Back normal far to high they say I'm not !!!! I was on the mini pill I came off it last week, my GP said you have to be period free for a year for a doctor to say your in the menapores, she did say but there's nothing to say 100% that you are/ or not. Sorry it's so long piglet but wanted you to understand many thanks for taking the time to reply I really appreciate it so very kind x

  • Hi Sandraan,

    When I first started taking Fluoxetine it took over 6 weeks before I really started to feel any benefits, and they initially made my anxiety and stress really bad. When I went back to my doctors regarding this he gave me Propranolol (blood pressure tablets) the combination of the two tablets actually helped, the propranolol reduced my anxiety and the fluoxetine reduced my depression. Try asking your doctor if this is possible if you're not happy with your treatment try another GP.

    It may not just be the medication that is causing side effects, stress and anxiety can also make you very ill, I have suffered with stomach problems such as indigestion, vomiting and diarrhea which is all caused by stress. Recently I have discovered that taking anti histamines (Loratidine) when I am having stomach issues actually work at getting rid of these.

    Medication does work you have to find the right one for you and the right dose my dose is very low but it is just what I need to help me cope. I hope you get to feel better soon, time does seem to drag when you are suffering but it does take time.

    Love Maria xx

  • Thank you for taking the time to reply Maria xx

  • Hi again Sandraan,

    Thank you for replying to my rather long post! I'm responding with an even longer one! I didn't mind giving you all that info in the least, so it wasn't a problem. I am a bit of a dedicated researcher when it comes to psychiatric medication, as I've suffered from so many unpleasant side effects over the years that I'm now very careful to look up a drug before I start taking it. To be honest with you, the awful side effects you're still getting, combined with the fact that your low mood isn't improving, would be enough to make me prefer to cope with the problems of changing antidepressants, as I think lifting my mood would be more important to me than any issues about the process of coming off one and going onto another. However, that's just me!

    I've found this report that lists 10 (I think) antidepressants and compares them for their mood enhancing qualities and their side effects (it also talks about cost, but you can skip that bit). It's at:

    It is a very comprehensive report, and it also gives you a lot of advice about talking to your GP. I also looked closely at a study specifically comparing venlafaxine XR with escitalopram (which I don't know if you've already tried) and escitalopram was found to be: at least as effective as venlafaxine, better than venlafaxine in its speed of response (ie it worked faster), better than SSRIs, better as far as staying well is concerned, and better tolerated by patients because the side effects of escitalopram were considerably fewer than those of venlafaxine. It would be a good idea to discuss trying escitalopram with your GP.

    The only other things you might like to consider discussing with your GP are: whether you're taking any other medications (some interact badly with antidepressants), whether you're sleeping well enough, whether you would benefit from some talking therapy (counselling) that could help with living with depression, and why she thought venlafaxine would be the best drug for you. If you think you're going through the menopause, then HRT sometimes helps with depression and anxiety. There is a blood test to see if you're menopausal, but it has to be done at a certain time in your cycle. FINALLY! All antidepressants have some kind of bad effect on your sex life - I see that you've stopped taking the Pill - so you should try and find the one that makes the least difference. I think that's all! Do message me again if I can help any further. Good luck! xx

  • Venlafaxine is an old med in the SNRI class , there is Effexor which is Venlafaxine in slow release capsules instead of bang straight in you system, it releases little balls of med slowly . I dont like the SNRI class of meds there are less of them than SSRI meds and THEY have a lot less start up side effects . BUT you would have to detox off a SNRI before you could try SSRI , I do the american taper on SSRI.s a GP wont agree with it, i am on 1 now . From 100 MG Sertraline to EScitalopram , took dose of Sertraline mon 6am , tues took instead 10mg of EScitalopram .6AM that by the way is the same strength in med even though different mg , dont make a mistake of thinking all mg are the same on all meds . In a WEEK i am now on my target dose of 150mg EScitalopram Its not working yet but i am no worse than i was before the change . NOW if all goes well in another week i may feel a little better instead of detoxing 4 weeks and start up 5 weeks . i may with luck hit the spot in 2 to 3 weeks , if the med fails i do the same again with another SSRI. The trouble is i have ran out of SSRIS meds names to try , i am back tracking on 1 that worked before , it may not work this time. DONT TRY this its what i do i have been ill 50 years so i go for the juggler with meds, the therory is with taper overnight is 1 new drug going in 1 old drug passing on the way out hopefully crossing the blood brain barrier quicker .

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