Newbie seeking some sort of help?

Ok, so firstly. I am unsure what it is that is going on with myself at the moment. I have these days where I feel amazing and SO positive about life, then I'm having days when I just feel lost, empty and nothing if that makes sense?

I have felt this for some years now. It's just up until about a week and a half ago, I had a few days where I couldn't snap out of it. Apart from this time I was having "intrusive thoughts" basically telling me I should just end my life. I have had these before but never to the point where it doesn't stop. It lasted for about 3 days. And hasn't happened since thankfully but it has certainly scared me for if it ever happens again.

I don't and have never took medication or been diagnosed with anything. I feel like I can't talk to my GP as he will probably just try to palm me off with medication and I just feel he will not care. I do know I suffer from severe anxiety which I also do not take medication for.

Is this the end of me trying to beat it all alone? Do I need help? :(

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  • Hi mate ,

    What is it that is causing you to feel that low? I struggle myself at the moment but as soon as I get the thoughts of suicide I instantly dismiss them because it might be bad now but it won't

  • Always be. Think that things might be bad now but just think what you could achieve if you just fight through it. The things you want it life that you don't feel like you'll ever have you will have if you don't give up

  • Hi Ross2017, thank you for replying.

    To be honest I think being unemployed is my main thing. It's made me become so distant from my friends, who have now no longer wanting to be my friend. I suppose I'm creating my own problems and not knowing how to get out of them!

    I try so hard every day to set myself tasks, so I can better myself. I just end up dissapointed in myself if I'm honest.

  • I work and I have have becom distant from my friends but the way I look at friends are if they don't support you when you are down then they are not true friends.

    I'm sure you want to work and I know how money issues affect people I have a well paid job but also have debts that consume most of my wage every month.

    Do you need to better yourself are you not just you and isn't being you good enough. I sometimes used to feel that living up to other people and their perfect lives only makes you more unhappy.

    I am my own person and although I don't like my job and don't really have any friends anymore I have just decided to be me and if people don't like it then it's there problem not mine.

    Your better than this and don't let other people's opinions bring you down.

  • Yeah I have always worked, so being out of work has took a massive affect on my confidence too.

    I don't really have any friends any more they all like drama type of lives but I don't lol.

    I do need to better myself, for myself. I am also unhealthy which also has an affect on my life.

    Overall, I just feel useless and a lost person. I don't want to sound like I'm feeling sorry for myself by the way haha.

  • Hi Leaddoo11

    Welcome to our friendly Community.

    I would ask that you go back to your doctors and explain exactly as you have in your post. This is not something that you can deal with alone.

    Intrusive thoughts are generally linked to stress and that's exactly what they are, thoughts. We've all had a similar experience but as you have experienced this before and also the fact that this time they seem to be persistent a check up is called for and don't be too quick to diss any medication.

    Please read the guide below, I'm sure it will be of value to you and please do let us know how you get on.

    Warm wishes


  • Hi Chloe, Thank you for replying to me.

    I suppose I'm just worried about what he will say! I don't want to be labelled with "something wrong" but I know something is not right. I've tried for so long to brush it off and just deal with it but I feel like my worlds going to cave in any time soon.

    I will have a read of that page now, thank you again.

  • Hi again Leaddoo11

    I understand really I do but I think you will be so relieved to finally talk to a professional who will be able to advise and allay your fears. So, nothing lost but everything to be gained here especially your peace of mind,


  • Just be strong and I know it's bad because I'm going through an awful time at the moment but I won't give up I'll keep fighting until eventually I hope it will get better. You need to too

  • Instead of a GP try a counsellor or a therapist. They really help and they care about you and they are not allowed to tell anyone without your permission unless you or someone else are in danger of harm.

  • YES


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