Hi a quick update guys

Hi guys and gals hope everyone is OK, just a quick update I've just been to see neurologist had a good chat, my ex come with me to help explain because can I he'll remember my blackouts and panic attacks, anyway he's checked my head ct scan, all clear, and thinks everything I'm suffering is down to very bad anxiety/depression and also something called dissociative anxiety and amnesia, and I need to start reading books etc on anxiety etc, has anyone heard of dissociative anxiety before, he says it's having a knock on effect of my depression.

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  • Hi sorry to hear that and I hope you now getting the help you need.

    I think dissociative anxiety is quite common and there is lots online about it. x

  • He said I need to go out look for books etc on anxiety, listen to audio books from paul McKenna etc

  • Well if that's what he said...

  • Hi Phil 176 UK, I used to have dissociative episodes, amnesia for the event. It's very disturbing. Dissociative amnesia I've never heard of, but it makes sense. If you dissociate, you don't recall what happened. I also had panic attacks around the same time and was on Ativan. I think depression and anxiety are more than enough to deal with. We don't need more. Keep writing on the forum. Good luck dealing with everything. BTW, I did finally stop with the dissociative episodes and panic attacks. It just went away. Nesie 237

  • Hi Nesie it does explain a few things in the past, dissociative episodes, he says I need all the help I can get, and also t start reading books etc abut anxiety etc x

  • Hi Phil176UK, that sounds like good advice. I hope educating yourself will help to relieve you of these problems. Take care, Nesie 237

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