to scared to be diagnosed

I've always suffered with depression since 11, and I'm now being prescribed Prozac and I'm in my twenty's I've been researching bipolar and I'm scared that a lot of my symptoms are there, is there any easy way of accessing a nhs specialist rather then wait for my doctors to hurry up. I've asked the doctor a number of times for help and all i get it brief counselling. i need help ?


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  • Hi I came in to rely and see you have deleted your account? Do you want to come back in? x

  • hi i have the same problem my doctor wont touch me keeps sending me back to dorthory pattisons, were i sore a women that was it felt to me she was judging me so i left the session early, they say i have personality disorder but i feel i have bi polar im constantly down un active and stay at home, i hope you get help!

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