Trying a little poetry to ease the pain

Not the most eloquent of offerings but still had to write it down somewhere.

What I once had has now been lost

Never again will I feel the warmth of your skin

Never again will I feel the beat of your heart

Never again will I feel your breath on my neck

Never again will I feel your hand in mine

Never again will we laugh together

Never again will we hold one another

The future could have held anything

Instead it holds nothing

Because I did nothing

Because I am nothing


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5 Replies

  • God, I sound like a love-sick teenager! Sorry about that.

  • Not at all. It is good to be able to get your feelings out

  • Poetry helps with our feelings .. And that my friend is what you have done .. I find myself saying sorry a lot .. Sorry for this, sorry for that

  • I like how simple it is. It's heart-wrenching.

  • Hello Nath, I am Vintage Me, I refuse to be an antique yet. I read your poem last night and I was all set to reply to you about how you could turn those negative thoughts into more positive ones and still have a lovely poem. Then I went back and read your older postings and I noticed you are focusing on the negative in your life as well. No surprise there, it's what depression does to us. You sound like a good solid guy who is responsible and caring, and so many other things. A lot of people I know, myself included, are homebodies. We like to be alone,, have a good read or a good conversation if we can find a like minded person. Spending time with your son now is a great time to bond with him. Letting him know that you are having problems that you are working to overcome is a great opportunity to teach him what inner fortitude looks like. I feel like you were married to a woman who couldn't see your value. That's on her, not on you.

    You get a do over on the poem. Try changing your perspective...I will never lose what I once had.

    I will always feel the warmth of your skin,the beat of your heart, etc. And then move on. Your experiences have made you who you are now. There's going to be someone in your future who sees that.Vm aka Pam

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