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Trying to feel optimistic

I’m not one for resolutions, but I feel that making some kind of goals are essential. Next year I’ll be 28 I’m still living at home and my career is utter shit to put it bluntly. I have a boyfriend and should be thinking of moving out together but i shut down as I’m not int he position to love. I desperate for new opportunities and spend hours and hours per week updating my cv and doing as much networking as possible. Since graduation 2 years ago Iv applied for 400 jobs as I keep track. Most never respond to me despite my chasing them. I’m degree eduatied and am a hard worker. This is the one thing holding me back and I can’t seem to get where I need to be!

Any advice for me? As I’m down most days, feel lonely all the time even though I’m not. Can’t open up to people or be honest about my feelings.

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You did a good job in this post, Cocolola, writing honestly and transparently. Sorry to hear of the struggle you are having, good move keeping track of the jobs you have applied for as hard as it is. Are you applying for the same kind of jobs all the time? What about trying something new?

Is your boyfriend a good support to you? What are his suggestions?

What is your current career? How long have you been working in this field? Are you working full time?

If the particular jobs you are looking for are not opening up to you - it might be time to seek another avenue or try a new position where you can apply your talents and at the same time learn something new.

I apologize if my questions and suggestions are lame, I have been sick with chronic illness longer than I have ever been employed but it doesn't stop me from trying ...again and again ..one of my goals is to see if 2018 might be the year I could find a part-time job to begin with - in the meantime I have taken a number of volunteer jobs which I have enjoyed which have brought me new friends and helped me to discover skills that I didn't know I had.

I wish you well in the future - hoping that 2018 will bring you the best life has to offer - keep your eyes and ears open so that you don't miss the opportunities that may present themselves.


Thanks for your message! Everyone around me is so supportive including my broyfriend he wants the best for me. I’m always being told I have so so much to offer but it’s getting people to see it that’s the issue.

I have a marketing degree in fashion, I work in retail as a deputy manager and have done for he last two years. I also have done countless internships, worked full time during my university degree and always work so hard.

I have had my cv revieed by professionals and have a strong LinkedIn profile, so I literally do everything. I’m very ocd and a perfectionist so things are the best I can make them. I think it’s jusy persistence but it’s gets to a point where I think why can’t I get where I need to be? There are younger less quantified people doing these jobs, so why can’t I? It sounds stupid but it’s so so important to me to succeeded.

I hope you are well and all the best for the next year!

Many thanks

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Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions, I appreciate that in order that I might better understand your situation.

How wonderful that you are surrounded by supportive people and I believe that one day your persistence will be rewarded!


I would guess you are well qualified ,but are not presenting yourself well. Do you ever get to the point of a call back or a face to face interview. I would try reading on line how to make a resume that will impress , how to interview well, and in short how to sell yourself. What do you think your weakest point is ?Some things I notice with young people these days and this may not apply to you but I'll put it down in case...talking to fast and running words together, dressing to casually for a professional, not following up an interview with a hand written thank you for the opportunity. These little things can help you to stand out and tell a potential employer that you will make an excellent addition to the workplace.. Do your homework and see what you're missing. Pam

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Hi Pam,

Thanks for your reply,

I have had many interviews and rejections and seem to miss out due to competition. I’m confident, very clear in my speaking, I present well in front of large groups and dress smart. Although I’m 28 and seems young, Iv done a lot and am sometimes told i come across as older.

I have had my cv reviewed countless times by professionals, I go to networking events, connect and reach out the people on LinkedIn and professional net works, I literally spend all my feee time applying and making myself better. I do charity work, fitness events and more. I sound ungreatful as I know I have a great life and don’t suffer with anything major but I’m exuasted by trying trying and getting nothing come of things.


It sounds like you've covered all the necessary moves how do you think your recommendations have been? I can't think what that's called at the moment. I'm retired now , but I got all of my jobs through people who knew my work and thought I would do well with someone they knew. I was very lucky and some what of a perfectionist . May be you're going to have to be patient awhile longer. Timing and luck also play a part. It will happen for you and you don't sound ungrateful . I know what it is to want to be the best you can be. Pam


Happy new year...x its a new year ,u are a smart lady,i pray this year will bring u happiness and love..x u are not alone x


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