Having a hard time feel terrible

Hi my names Kyle I've recently split up with my girlfriend off two years and I feel terrible I feel like there's nothing special in my life I feel so empty I have lost interest in everything and struggle to do the easiest off things I can't sleep at night because I just worry about where my life's going to go I have suffered from depression in the past but never got any help and now I need some help I never thought we would brake up since we have broke up I don't think I've had a smile on my face at all I'm emotional and physically tired off everything and just don't know where I'm going I feel so depressed and down all the time

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Break ups are always difficult. I am sorry to hear this.

I advise you to go talk to your gp.

Have you a job? Are you in college ? Have you anything that can distract you ?


I have a job but I'm finding it difficult to even go to work


Maybe you need time off so you can work on yourself to heal


I don't want to go to my gp about this I'm worried incase he just puts me on medication and it makes it worse


Oh right. Well the only thing is to keep at it. Your broken heart will mend and you will then be back in the dating scene as hard as it maybe to envisage just now. Many of us have been where you are. We understand it is not a nice place. It will get better

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Hi Kyle, I am getting better now but what helped me was discussing what was bringing me down with anyone you trust, often it felt like a weight off my shoulders and allowed me to help fight any doubts and worries I had, I like you found getting up in the morning for in my case uni was a struggle and I lay in bed worrying about failing my exams and of course not going to uni made it a endless circle, however I talked to lecturer and he told me to see my gp who said I should eat healthy foods and do exercises and breathing tips, however I felt ignored and like nothing had changed, so when I was back home I went to see my local gp and he assured me and gave me a number to call to talk to people and some medicine to help me and honestly I don't know if the medicine does anything but I get up fine in the morning and it looks sunnier on the horizon, I hope you feel better soon Kyle, best of luck Jack

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Thank you I hope I start feeling better soon don't know how much longer I can go feeling this way I'm going to phone my gp today and see if I can get a appointment


Hi Kyle (cool name by the way)

Take one positive from this, you have realised that you have had an issue that you have not dealt with and now you have a chance to do so.

See the G.P, you are right to not want to jump into antidepressants, they may or may not be appropriate.

Have a look at some online Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, the Aussie programme 'Mood Gym' is free and although a bit old now still has a good reputation with medical proffessionals.

Best to keep your routine if you can.

There will be others on here with more good advice I am sure.

Hopefully you can address this and come back stronger and when it is the right time I am sure that you will find someone else.

Biggest and simplest piece of advice and the one that can stop you going to far down, DO NOT BEAT YOURSELF UP!

Wishing all the best, Matt


Hi I am sorry you feel like this. However medical help is limited to meds and/or counselling. As counselling can take a long time on the NHS to come through (if you get it at all) the right meds should help you feel better for the time being.

The only other option is self help. You can access some courses online (but will still have to pay). You can do a lot of reading and see if you can work out your issues without outside help. Mindfulness is a good place to start.

Meanwhile stay with us and we will help all we can. x


Thank you


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