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Guess who's back, back again yes I'm back the crazy quack, Hi all Ian here

so I have been told that I have multiple personality disorder but that was on medication now off the drugs and clean and a whistle I feel really odd with in my self because the drugs wasn't working now free of them I find my self all in a fuzzy muddle and I really don't like leaving my house alone I find that it's some what difficult to talk to friends and family back stroke ie friends the few I have ad in not many I find it difficult to talk to them as well as family.

I shall start from the beginning as I came off the medication just over a month ago and felt great now I feel like my blood is at boiling point and everyone is in the cross fire I don't like it I really don't I have tried having my self admitted but if I did no one would know would be and I don't think I could cope better on a ward either.

After thinking the other night about my youth years I was pretty much been the same back then snapping at loved ones and so on and thinking to how my life Is now well it's pretty much the same as it was many years ago and still not better, the problem is I want to become a deckhand working out at sea now the thing is you need a medical to work out at sea and if I have this m.p.d or paranoid schizophrenia I won't be able to work out at sea so am stuck because I would love to work away but a medical that would say other wise well that's a downer

Many thanks for reading

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  • I'm sorry I can't relate, but I hope things will get better.

  • You me both my friend

  • Many thanks goldish