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Is it worth seeing a Doctor?

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So I've been pretty down for a year now (on and off for about a month at a time) but recently I haven't been able to shake that feeling for a few months. I've just started uni and am struggling to even get out of bed for lectures now. Me being constantly sad and disconnected is stopping me from meeting people and progressing in my degree, to the point where I've thought about dropping out. I constantly feel demotivated, sad and tired, also because some nights I can't sleep until 3-4am.

No matter what I do I've always got that feeling of suicide and failure. People who've gotten help from Doctors, did it really help? And what do I tell them so they take me seriously? I just feel trapped.

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It is best to see doctor, in the meanwhile try google: mindful mediation to calm and relax you. Would it be worth getting a job instead of studies - if you cannot do studies. Try applying and seeing if they get you any good options and you can always turn them down if you don't feel it the job you want. It is important to so something you have an interest in and motivated - you could even change your course, something you can cope with.

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Thanks indervir, I just downloaded a meditation app which I'll try tonight to see if I sleep better. I think university isn't what I need right now and it's adding to my stress, so I'm looking at jobs and talking to my family about possibly dropping out. Thanks for the help :)

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It probably is not very good idea to leave studies until you have a job - it can be hard to get a job without a degree! Be wise and plan ahead before you take the option to leave - get a job offer first, plan the interview - internet will help with all your options - there is reed and other employment agencies - see what they say first

You are at a stressful point in your life. Lots of changes.

You simply say you don't feel you are coping well. They will ask you the questions and determine what should be done.

Good luck with this. Great you are reaching out and being proactive.

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Thanks Dolphin! I think I'll arrange an appointment tomorrow and see if it helps. Cheers :)

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Let us know how you make out.

I'm exactly the same, like spot on. Thought it had SAD cus it started on and off a few winters ago but now I feel like it for months at a time. I struggle to go to my lectures or even get out of my room to see my flat mates. Iv had insomnia for years but it's so bad since starting uni I usually get about 2 hours sleep. I hate talking to people about how I feel so I dont want to go to the doctors but it's becoming progressively worse. I hope you get help x

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Damn that sucks. From what I can see from the other replies I think it's best if both of us just bite the bullet and see a doctor. I'm thinking about dropping out for a year and either getting a job and accepting education isn't what I need right now or continuing next year. Hope this helps :)

Hi James099 It must be awful to feel like that ,is there a counsellor at your uni that you maybe able to talk to,if not make an appointment to see your doctor and tell him exactly how you've been feeling, they may just give you a pick you up tonic to get your energy levels up,are you taking any vitamins because it's worth trying something like that if you don't like the thought of antidepressants. Good luck with your uni and I hope you feel like your old self soon 💕

Hi Mazda2! Yes I found out there is, I'm planning to arrange an appointment for sometime this week. Never had counseling so it'll be a new experience but I'll just tell them how I really feel. Thanks for the help :)

I take anti depressants and they do help. My mum also forced me to get a blood test done for the fatigue, and it turned out I was severely malnourished from coeliac disease and I’m now being investigated for CFS/Fibro!! So I do not have a magic answer but I would definitely recommend getting a blood test just in case. Although your low mood is completely valid there’s a chance it’s actually being caused by an illness that is easier to solve x

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