Thoughts ruin my life

Hello everyone , I know that all of you may say that I'm a weirdo. Yes , I accept. I have been scared of the ghosts and haunted things for 3 months. Some of them are real that can curse or haunt us. I don't know why I always thinking and imagine about all of them in bad ways. Moreover, when I hear or know about people who died in the news and then I started thinking about them in bad ways and also said the worst words to them. I want to get rid of these thoughts and I can't deal with my thought anymore . I also try to distract myself from thinking about it but I didn't work and it always pop up in mind again and again even I try so hard. Now , I become an evil . I'm not willing to do this but I can't stop myself .....


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  • Hi obsessive thoughts are a sign of anxiety.  Have you sought help for this?  If not you need to.  x

  • So I need to get help from Doctor .

  • Anxiety is a real health condition and your doctor will be used to hearing stories like yours.   With treatment ie med and/or counselling you will have help to overcome your distressing thoughts.

    You sound very young - have you told your parents or other relations/friends how you feel?  They might be able to help and support you.  Let us know how you get on  x

  • But in my country , the health systems don't have good quality when it comes about my problem and I am sure that none of Doctor here can't cure me .

  • Aren't mental health issues dealt with in your country?   Mind you no doctor can 'cure' you of it but surely all can offer meds if not counselling which would surely help?  x

  • Yeah , I will tell my parents first . Could you tell what different between ANXIETY and DESPRESSED ? 

  • Hi There, Sreyneth,

    So sorry about your going through this.  PLEASE do follow Coughalot's advice, because it is the BEST advice that anyone could give to you. And like she said: 'they have heard it all...both drs and therapists... So don't hold back on what you say... Tell the total truth.

    I don't know if you watch a lot of TV, but here in America shows about zombies, ghosts, etc are unfortunately waaaaaay to popular... (my opinion! :) Stick to comedies! :) Just know help IS available to you! Keep us posted and take good care.

  • You are in USA , have you ever know about Robert The Doll ? I have been scared of him until today.

  • Yes I suppose when in our teens ? we can have a predisposition to death and all its horrors, you are not unusual as it must frighten and alarm yourself when you consider you have a long life full of chances of your Death,

    I used to worry in my teens that I would not survive to eighteen, then twenty one, then thirty, when young you cannot imagine your death, you will live forever, you bargain with the reaper. Now I am in my sixties the last 50 years have now began to move much faster and I see the BIG three score years and ten looming up in five years time.

    When we see friends and Peers popping there clogs we think there by the grace of God go I. Especially when you consider in Victorian times people died in their fourth decade

    It is still a problem when you consider in the fifties many pensioners never lived beyond their 50s.

    What would you do if you continued through your life worrying that you will not pass the notable years of your life. When you reach sixty five or seventy when you get your pension all that worry, you have been frightened for fifty years, what for all those fears and concerns

    People will always die, some of your Peers will fall by the wayside, there is nothing that can be done, when it comes to our turn we go, we cannot do a thing about it.

    Fear of death and seeing people you watch on tv can be the first real interest in death. You are frightened and that is why your feelings are sharp and sometimes not very nice. Eventually that will change as you grow up into adulthood.

    When it comes to reincarnation, that is you looking for the positive in a negative world.

    No-one knows what happens when we die, we may come back as any animal you could imagine. 

    All I can suggest is try not consider the negative, go for the positive, we are all here for a given time, we never know when we may be called. Live your life to the full and try and understand a young person generally has a long life to look forward to.

    Yes you are suffering an anxiety, it is a natural worry the young can have. If you are so concerned see your GP 


  • Thank you for your comment . Can I get rid of it by myself ? Because in my country the health systems doesn't have good quality when it comes about my problem. I really want myself can control my thought not to think about this again. The more I think the more I did wrong to all of them. And I know that I will do like that to other ghosts too. I'm so depressed. I often cry about this stories too . Do you know how to stop our unwanted thought ?

  • Many countries have different views of death, you will live with those beliefs. You need to come to terms with your Society beliefs.

    As you become older more acceptance should be brought about.

    Some beliefs look at their dead family members of these ghosts and will celebrate with these beings once or twice a year.

    We do not know in what context this fear you suffer. I suppose in this case an acceptance of these acts will eventually be strengthened


  • I'm scared of them . And I don't know why there are unwanted and bad thought always in my mind that make me thinking about them in bad way  ??

  • Yes I can understand in a way your fears.

    In the UK I seem to concern myself when a member of family dies. With me I always worry if I have upset those who are dying or past

    in my life as long as I have done everything for the person to help them in their final period of life to death i feel that I have done all I can for that person as they pass. My worries are clear and I look on death as a positive thing as is living our lives. If we also treat the living the same, my feelings and concerns are clear.

    I am sad to see the death, although I do not grieve in the same way  as most people. To do the right thing when they are living why concern yourself with a death, you should have no worry.

    Those sometimes who show excessive grief in our society may have concerns when the person dies, they can feel guilty.

    Most of the time in my case I have dealt with family leading up to the final stages of life, I do not show emotion I have done all I can for the living and the death is a conclusion we all must pass through.


  • Ohh I see , I think that I fear of dead so much. All I want right now is I can control my own thoughts . I really don't want to have these bad thought on someone again .

  • When we loose someone we have both negative and positive memories, these are part of that persons life and reflect their lessons and failings, and are the tasks that they were sent back to life and learn, it is their Commission that was set earlier than their birth.

    If the ghost was hungry that must be when the dead has an act to grind and that represents the negative thoughts and actions that we instigated on that person during life. I understand is some parts of Society that is how they look at death. if that is the case to be at peace with the living and death that releases many negative feelings we may have to those who have passed on, the same applies to the so called ghost you mention here

    There should be no fear for those left behind, as there  should be no anger towards the living

    In fact if we have lead a kind life toward our dead ancestors they should advise and give support to those living and left behind


  • Hi, you are not evil. Just consider your thoughts intrusive because they show up even though you don't want them to. I know because I've had far worse things invade my mind that I don't want to mention. Anyway, as was said above, please get help if you haven't already.

  • Ohh , thanks

    You said u used to have it too so how you get rid of it ??

  • I seeked help which helped me to realize that my thoughts were stemming from my OCD and anger. I'm also a Christian and my faith was the reason I got through it. Its fine if you don't have the same beliefs though.

  • Do you use medicine ??

  • Yes, I take clonopin for my anxiety, lexapro for depression, and vistiril as a sleeping aid. I was hospitalized and used seraquel as an antipsychotic drug for awhile. It helped my unwanted thoughts go away and now I no longer need it.

  • Does those medicine give you bad effect ??

    I did research and they show that antidepressant have bad effect for teenagers and children .

  • No, luckily I have not had negative side effects. Then again I'm an adult and did have problems as a teen. I had hallucinations and panic attacks from unknowingly taking the wrong dose of one of them. Especially if you're young, make sure to take the right amount of everything. Also know that once in awhile, doctors prescribe more or less than what you need because they are not perfect. It can be hard to guess how much medicine a client needs, but such mistakes are rarely made. Afterall, they are professionals. Maybe medication is a good route for you to take or maybe it isn't. I think you should see a doctor who can make that decision for you because it can't hurt. Good luck!

  • Sreyneth from the sound of it you are obviously very young so I wonder if you are going through the hormonal changes of puberty?  It would not be unusual to have 'weird' thoughts if that is the case.

    If it isn't puberty, I have just answered your post over on pain concern to the effect that the issue could also be related to a deficiency - most likely vitamin in nature if it is.  Check out the link I left for you.

    You might find that vigorous exercise will help keep your thoughts in place - really bone wearying type vigorous.  If you have access to it, try eating a spoonful of coconut oil 3 times a day (start with a teaspoon and work up to a tablespoon over a week/10 days).  The lauric acid in it might help calm your thoughts down.  Make sure that you are getting enough sleep at night.  Also have a look on the internet for foods high in serotonin or melatonin that are available to you and eat those regularly if you can.

  • Thank you so much for your advice , Linlow

    Could you tell me what is the hormonal changes of puberty ??

  • Oh come on Sreyneth I am sure you you know how to do a google search.

  • Streyneth, You really need to speak with a therapist... Please do your best to try to make an appt. with one. No idea as to your age, but I am sure you are very young.... If you have a regular physician, you can ask him to help you. As long as you are least 16 years old, you can legally do this on your own... We can encourage you and we all want the best for you but you TRULY do need professional help via a therapist...Please... do yourself a favor and do this. Best wishes. Help IS there is you really want it.

  • Thank for encouraging me

    But I still can't do this 😓

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