Negative thoughts are in my mind

Hello everyone here , I just need some advice from all of you. Nowadays , i offended and insulted many people and all the negative thoughts about them are always in my mind and I can't even control myself to stop doing this. Sometimes, it just pops up somewhere . I can't dare to live with it anymore and I just it stop happen on me again. I'm become an evil now .

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  • You're not a bad person. You've just done bad things. Can you identify something in your life that's making you frustrated enough to take it out on people?

  • I've done that myself too. before I could ignore it and not let it bother me but during depression it was hard to ignore the bitterness or negativity towards others, sometimes i would talk about it to others because naturally things that bother you that much you want to get it off your chest. until someone told me off and that's when I realized that i need to stop it as it came across as bitching or gossip and to stop concentrating on this aspects about other people but highlight this wickedness in me to myself rather than in others. I didn't hate myself for it but saw it as one of life's learning exercises. we all will end up going through this life learning exercises but best with an open mind. 

    thinking about these negativities about others is an added burden on our minds and it would make sense that the less we focus on this and more on the positives about others then the less stressed and annoyed we are and the less it bothers us because this way it helps achieve a balance in that aspect of thinking. don't forget that no matter how negative someone is there's always something positive about them, maybe their actions or words they choose, or their humble nature.

  • We all go through periods of upsetting those around us, we also get insulted many times in our lives, that is all part of life and its little mysteries. Generally saying sorry and not doing it again seems to draw a line, and sometimes it can be the end of a friendship.

    If you are doing this a lot that becomes a problem and you need to consider your reasons  for your actions. Personally I cannot say if this is a mental health issue, you will need to chat with your GP. Do you have any reasons why you are doing this, sometimes people can become sensitized when they have been done wrong to If this is bullying or some other associated problem they may get what they deserve.

    If you feel it is a mental health problem I do not really know what it is, see your GP you have not explained here your reasons for your actions

    I understand you do have problems at night, are any of your problems associated to that.


  • Hi there, looking at your other posts as well as this one it does sound like you need to see a doctor as you have some unusual thoughts about things and it does sound like you need a professional to help you with this. Not sure what country you are in but is it possible for you to confide in a doctor about these problems you are having? You seem to get fixated on a number of things and some of these things are quite unusual (like believing that the lyrics of a song can kill you which you posted up about several times). Now you seem to be getting very negative thoughts about other people.

    It is difficult for us sometimes to give advice on here as we only know the little bit that you write about and don't know you as a person but i would still say that you need to talk to the doctor. 

    If you can give any more details then maybe we can help more (like your background etc). 

    I hope you are ok.

    Gemma x

  • Thank for comment , I'm living in Cambodia . The health systems in here doesn't have good quality at all , especially when it comes about my problem. I am not sure about myself too that now I'm depressed , anxiety or what. I don't know why myself right now become like this since I have been scared of that songs and my life is changed. I often hear and know many creepy things such as haunted doll , haunted things and even the ghosts. Some of them are real that can be cursed or haunted us . I always think about all of them everyday and I start thinking and imagine about them in many ways. Now I can't deal with my negative thoughts anymore. Moreover , when I heard about people who died in the news and then i started thinking about in bad ways and also said the worst words to all of them. I can't control myself from thinking about all of those stories. Sometimes , I try to distract myself from it but that it just pop up and I getting scared. At bedtime , I'm so difficult to fall a sleep and often wake up . I think that I become an evil right now. I want to get rid of these thoughts so much . I'm scared because I did wrong to them and I also apologize and asking them forgiveness.

  • well you see you have answered your own question. an evil person does not feel they have done wrong or ask for forgiveness. so you are not evil. but infact a good person. a good person always apologize and asks for forgivenss. and you are good. 

  • But sometimes I become an evil again because I often do wrong them again and start to apologize again all the time . So I think it is a habit . I don't want myself to be this way . I'm so depressed 

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