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Welcome to my life


Hello - I'm A and I'm new to this site. I am hurting real bad and have been for a long time. The saying "time heals all wounds" does not apply here. I don't know why I am barely holding on to the hope that eventually it will. Has anyone ever played those maze games where you take a pencil and follow the path that leads to the way out? What if there really is no way out and you're just stuck? And every day you try something different to get out, it's exhausting. Welcome to my life. I am in a very difficult situation as my therapist puts it although I believe it is an impossible situation. Without going in to too much detail I am a 42, been married and divorced twice. I have not been able to keep a job for more than a few months. Good enough to get the girl, can't keep the girl - good enough to get the job can't keep the job. I do not believe in myself and am wonderful at self sabotage. I do not take any recreational drugs, I rarely have a drink, but I do smoke cigarettes. I am bi polar without the mania (not sure if that's considered bipolar 1 or bipolar 2) - I also have codependency issues. I know I should try to focus on the positive, but my head just brings me back to trying to navigate through all the negative. Anyway, writing things down usually helps me calm down. Thank you for allowing me to share and I welcome

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Hello adamnh76,

Welcome to our supportive community. Well done for taking a brave step out of your comfort zone to reach out for help. Hopefully, you will find folks here are only too willing to come alongside you and share from their personal journeys and experiences. You are obviously having a difficult time right now. We may not have all the answers, but we are here for each other and listening.

Do check out our Pinned Post section for free mental health guides, and keep handy our international crisis support helplines.

Keep in touch! Ok, folks what can you suggest to help this new member?

Best wishes,

MAS Nurse

Hi adamnh76, I know I am young and not at the position to give an advice, but I hope u will accept my little talk right hete..

U know life is always a maze, u don't know where it will take u or what will give u maybe flower or a slap. I always keep this in my mind so when I will feel down I believe that a good thing will come.

So to escape from all these tough feelings usually I will go to the beach at the time of sunset and listen to good music, usually sad so I will be able to cry and get relief out of all the stress.

adamnh76 in reply to Alya96

Thank you for writing. About the maze, yes, that is true. In my maze sometimes I can get a "flower" or a "slap" - but no matter which one I get, there is no escape.

Alya96 in reply to adamnh76

So true, but I am still having hope that u will be strong enough to smash all the walls and escape and finds ur happiness

Adam, I am new too. Also have been struggling for a long time. I said this week I feel like “someone dumped a puzzle on the floor and none of the pieces fit together”. It’s overwhelming , challenging and each day feels daunting.

You’re not alone. I want to build a network of friends / supports / allies to help manage these feelings!

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