So frustrating

God, depression is so annoying.  I've been really down for a little over a month, as in wanting to just sleep all the time and hating being conscious.  For about two weeks, I've been exercising, meditating and socializing EVERY day to try to fight this thing.  Told myself if I only get three things done a day (besides going to work) just make sure I do those.  It's been helping, as in I actually sometimes would prefer to be awake than asleep (imagine that!) and every now and then I actually feel something called "enjoyment", I believe?  Anyway, I thought hey, if I just keep this up I'll be out of the woods soon, but today it's like I'm back to square one and just want to lay around and sleep it all away.  UGH!  I feel like I'm going to feel this way forever, and I'm just so annoyed.  It feels like there's a giant cotton swab or something in my head, plugging up my brain and dampening and clouding everything, and I want to pull it OUT but it's just STUCK. 

Just ranting, folks.



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2 Replies

  • Hi ignore the other reply and I have reported it as spam.

    I think you are being much too hard on yourself.  Instead of concentrating on the days you are generally feeling too bad to do much,  congratulate yourself on what you have achieved on the other days.  

    You are allowed to have an off day where you don't feel like doing anything.  Just go with it then tomorrow vow to get back on track.  Well done.  x

  • Thank you, I appreciate it.

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