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I don't want these emotions to be mine, I want them to evaporate into the persistent breeze that the air produces. Taking every thought, emotion and feeling that my body produces making them turn into microscopic particles, that are forever lost in the breeze. Love is not always this happy, joyful world that we perceive it to be. Not when you don't want to feel it for someone, when it gets so much that you can't eat, you feel like you stomach is a sponge absorbing every drop of fluid in your body, making you feel physically ill. Not being able to sleep or think because this emotion dominates your life, all you can think about is that person who these emotions are for. I would do anything to not feel this way, I'm get distant from the person who means the world because I can't control this emotion called LOVE.


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Hi hun, there really isn't anything wrong with the emotion of love, the problem can be when it turns to an infatuation where you become so obsessed in thinking you have to have this person in your life for every minute your conscience, regardless of how they feel, then you may have major problems where you urgently need to talk it over with a councillor who can help put everything in perspective and help you live life around the feelings of love so that it doesn't consume your every thought.

Controlling all are different emotions sometimes feels like its our life's goal, seeking out ways to have more of the good ones, hide the ones we think are unacceptable to those around us just in case we are judged for them. And yet we often neglect to love ourselves and nurture and respect this body we live in.

We don't always get what we want, but we do have the things we truly need and can't always see that. I am sorry you feel so engulfed with your pain, please try to find a trained councillor to help you, they understand how you feel and can help you regain your thoughts to all the different things that are around you. 

Take care xx


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