Feeling so agitated tonight and I can't think of what's annoyed me, my best friend is ignoring me after numerous of texts of me asking what's wrong and if I've done something please tell me, but nope no answer and just the littlest of things my partner does I'm getting annoyed about yet I really don't mean too! Ahhhhh I could scream and cry 😰😥😰😥😰


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5 Replies

  • Hello Sian

    Looking back on your posts I find that you have seen your GP and H suggested some CBT. I do not know if medications were offered and if you accepted any form of treatment. Also do you live with your Boyfriend ??. Also is there something that has unsettled you in your new employment or leaving your past job.

    With you feeling so unsettled and you suffer those mood changes I would advise you again talk to your GP and take on His suggestions.

    Good Luck, you know where we are if you need help and talk


  • Thanks bob for your reply, my gp suggested counselling?? But no medications were offered I'm still trying to get in to speak to someone. I now work within the NHS and have been told to use there counselling service as its good for staff. I do live with my boyfriend, and i wouldn't say it's my new job or past one. On a completed downer tonight. Thankyou again xx

  • Hi bob hope your well I've not been on here for sometime I was doing.well then I had a backward  step ! If put a post on depression  hope you can see it

  • Hello celtic

    Will keep my eyes open

    All the best


  • I get like this too. Put any energy into positive things.

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