massively low mood for no reason


Ive been feeling very low for weeks on and off over the past two and a bit years. I'm not sure why it started. The past year has been the worst. The problem is, I feel down for absolutely no reason whatsoever. I have a lovely long term boyfriend who helps a lot, a lovely flat, a good social life, and a pretty good family. I honestly don't know whats wrong with me. I overthink the fact that I have no reason to feel sad, which makes me feel even more down.

I know It started when I moved to university. But I've not had a bad experience at uni, I enjoy my course, and I see my family and friends regularly. Its so unnecessary for me to unhappy.

Anyone else feel unhappy for no reason and get annoyed by it?

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  • The thing now is to do something about it rather than a potentially fruitless search for a cause.

    So diet exercise socialising keeping busy and ?seeing your GP for meds

  • Im not searching for a cause, I just want to try and feel better and its harder when theres no real reason. Will try the advice though- apart from the meds, as I don't take anything. thank you:)

  • I think we have a different concept of "massively low mood", some of us would do anything, taking meds and even taking our lives to stop the feeling.

    I hope you never go there, it's horrible

  • yeh of course I can't speak for anyone but myself. Im not comparing it to anyone else, they are just the words I used when I was writing how I felt. We are all all affected differently. I hope you find a way to feel a least a little better soon.

  • Be careful of words. In nlp the use of dramatic vocabulary and behaviour may lead you into a worse place than it sounds like you are in.

    Exercise, diet, lifestyle and socialising and acceptance that some days / weeks will not be a bundle of joyfullness.

  • Thats just the way I felt like describing it at the time. I understand a lot people feel much worse and I don't know much about depression as a condition. All I know is that I feel very sad. However, I thought the point of this website is to be able to unload your thoughts freely without being judged, so please don't think I was trying to be dramatic. Just asking for some help that's all.

  • What is nlp?

  • Neuro-linguistic programming(thank you google) :)

  • Thank you! But now am confused about what that means!

  • I will google it

  • I think diet & exercise can sometimes play a part in how someone feels,also the tendancy to overthink or just think a lot in general can also play a factor,fluctuating mood's to some degree are normal i would think.

    How low would you say your mood's go,and how often would you say your mood's fluctuate and do they affect your everyday life,if so,then a trip to the Drs would really do no harm(i am a hypocrite as i wont go to the Drs) but still point being if its effecting your everyday life and your not as stubborn as mule then yeah.

    I had a good 10 month run,eating cleanly exercising 4 times a week,and my mood was great for 10 months then it just started to go down down down then splat,then back up then down then back up then down then back up then down,and its been like this for years,anyway.

    Yeah maybe a slight diet change and some exercise may help,if you find that your moods are getting worse then go so the Drs and see what they may suggest.

  • you're probably right. It just frustrates me so much when I just feel like crying and not going out for the day for no reason! It can get to the point where all I want to do is sleep, while sometimes I can talk myself out of it and pull myself together. Did exercise help? I think I should try it. I tried the doctor and am on a waiting list for a counsellor.

  • I would say the exercise kept me focus on one thing,rather then having a 1000 thoughts going through my mind,i just concentrated on achiving something,problem was once i achived what i wanted i got bored,and just felt my mood change again.

    I would say try the exercise though,and slight diet changes to i think food can play a part in mood swings due to the crap that most food has in it these days.

    Im not saying it's the answer to how you feel,but i think focusing on something or one thing,rather then focusing on a 100 thing's at once helps to some point.

    For 10 months i had no constant suicidal thoughts, my mood's were much better granted i had my moment's still but not as bad as when im on a downer. My motivation was 100 % energy was 100% and seeing a physical change helped the mental change as well for a while.

    During that period i ended up getting a job,losing weight,going out with friends being social,trying Brazilian Jiu Jitsu & Kickboxing stuff i would of never done before.

    Granted now my mood has changed from that again,but it's always been a rollercoaster i have never seeked help because i am really really stubborn but yeah i say try it,no harm in trying.

  • okay well might as well give exercise a go. well i hope if you can open up to me on here, maybe one day you'll feel confident enough to seek help other places :) thanks so much for the advice, it's nice to know there are people out there willing to help.

  • No problem and you are most welcome,and maybe one day i shall be as brave as the people who do seek help(such as your self) and again no problem keep us updated on how the exercise goes etc :)

  • I feel that way right now. But you have to realize that depression doesn't rely too much on upbringing. You can have the best life ever and just randomly become depressed. I understand it is really annoying how you can feel this way but have a good life, but don't dwell on it too much because it has nothing to do with lifestyle.

  • thank you that makes me a feel a little better

  • Hi laura, I think sometimes life can be so simple, and you don't have to think or worry about anything. Then along comes school, uni work bills worries for the future, all of these are layers, layers of worry that compress in ur mind till the point u can't handle it and maybe that's what's happening to u, maybe do what I do, go outside and look and listen at the world, slow down, help others and others help you, slowly peeling back some of the confusion of life and letting you be a bitmore settled , hope you can find peace.... Paul 👍👊👍👊👍

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