Please tell me venlafaxine work ??

After the awful side effects reducing and coming off sertraline PLEASE TELL ME VENLAFAXINE WORK ??? Iv just started taking it and feel so tied Iv got to stay in bed ( I can put up with all the other side effects ) just can't get out the bed Iv no energy at all ( I'm only just in to my second week ) so I understand Iv got to let them get in to my system, but PLEASE tell me they work. !!!!!!

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  • I'm assuming they do I've never took them for anxiety I've dealt with it alone it's a mind game with ya can't solve it's hard

  • Thank you for replying it means so much, just knowning your there gives so much comfort THANK YOU hope your ok xx

  • No problem hun any time I'm there stick together xx

  • Hi Sandraan,sorry you feel so awful. Venlofaxine do definately work for me and my friends who take it. Please go back to your doctors in morning and say you have to see him ( I did this once and he saw me and gave me Diazapan for severe anxiety) when he sees state you are in he will give them to you. But don't say you are suicidal as he may not as they are habit forming. Take care love Linxxx

  • Hi Lin, thanks Iv been the doctors this morning I just want to sleep all the time, I'm so tied and no energy, I have already got and taking diazpam, she told me to stop taking them as they will add to the tiedness, I have just got to sleep it off and go with it, it's the changing from antidpressants I'm not waking at all of a day till after 4pm, having awful dreams then waking up upset because of the time, the way I'm feeling, thanks very much Lin for the poistive feed back on venlafaxine, I know your not feeling good yourself at the moment so that's very much, how are you ? X

  • Hello

    Give the medication time too work it can take a while before you will feel the benefit


  • Thanks bob, but all I can do is sleep, I'm just sleeping none stop, it's not normal, once I do finally wake ( I feel really weird and just not normal ) it's night time 5/6pm from the night before, surely this is not right ( normal ) ??? with Christmas coming ( which I dread and hate every year it's 1000 times worse now ) how am I going to cope, but like you say Bob there's nothing I can do. That's not me I'll try battle though anything, thanks for replying Bob means alot to have support, hope your ok after your news today, what do you think youll do ??

  • Sandraann

    With regard medications and my condition, they will keep an eye on me I have blood tests every 6 to 12 months, This one yesterday was a full scan, they know my condition affects my immune system and white blood count

    With regard pain medications I have been trained to control my doses so I will just carry on,

    Thursday I have a routine scan for pensioners and I am awaiting tests for dementia soon, they will then decide what they want to do then.

    Like you I suffer quite a few contraindications so I need to buckle up and most probably soon have to readjust my medications doses, that will take time. I use a Tens Machine to control pain and tone my muscles I will need to extend that treatment

    Thank you for asking


  • So sorry you're feeling this bad. Your body and nerves are probably exhausted. Sleep and let time pass. Better times are coming.

    I've been reading "help for your nerves"by Claire Weekes. It is really helping me, like having a kind and wise mother figure at your side xx

  • Hi Sandraan , the awful tiredness n lack of motivation to do anything is horrible. Everyone's depression/ anxiety is different. I get 2 bouts a year lasting 6 weeks each and nobody can tell me why this happens. I just can't cope when it comes on and the worst thing is dizziness which I get every time but never when I am well. It's coming up for 5 weeks now so not long to go. We go to Benidorm on Wed for 10 days. I haven't been looking forward to it but Rex my husband loves holidays so I am going for him.

    The mornings are bad for me but get better by evening. I am lucky as I can read and I love T.V. So that takes my mind off things. In a few weeks the tablets will begin to work and you will feel so much better. All my friends n family know about my depression as I have never kept it a secret. Hope it won't be too long before you are your old self.take care love Lin x

  • Oh thank you so very much your reply brings me so much comfort, lets hope being in Benidorm you wount suffer and this time you won't get the dreaded symptoms, yes Iv been getting the dizzy heads, I do usually suffer mornings ( badly ) but cause I'm so tied now I just sleep though them, but feel awful once I wake up late afternoon, THANKS so very much for replying it means such a lot and so comforting, can I ask are you on antidpressants ( what strengh) xx

  • Hi Sandra hope your ok, I was on Venlafaxine too and found

    Them quite good, I didn't find they made me tired, but we were

    All different.

    I remember years ago when I first got Depressed I used to be

    Really really tired and could sleep for hours, that tiredness can

    Be a big symptom of Depression, don't beat yourself up if your

    Tired, but get a medical check up from your GP to make sure your

    Not anaemic.

    Good luck with. the tablets but they take about 2 weeks at least to work.


  • Thank you really appreciate your support

  • I have been on loads of different anti depressants over 21 years. I am on Duloxetine 60 mg and it's ok,no side effects except I get 2 bouts of depression a year. I will try anything and the latest is a SAD light,hypnotherapy and mindfulness. Just heard about Tibetan chanting so am going to try that. One day I will have a year without depression,love Lin xx

  • Yes I was on duloxtine for many years and found them really good and kept me going for many many years, but like them

    All they only last so long,

    Is this Lin, who lives near me under a different name ?? X

  • I think you should get your doctor to rule out all the other, many causes of tiredness before you decide the antidepressant is the culprit. OK? Myra.

  • Thank you so much for replying it brings me so much comfort , Yes she has checked with blood test for thyroid, menapores ( which I think it is I'm pre menapores ) but the bloods have all came back normal ???? But it's not normal to feel so tied and sleep for so long, I do try to come around at times but I'm that tied I go back to sleep, I went the doctors this morning and told her I couldn't wait to go home to sleep, ( I went to bed at 11am) I woke at 5.30pm only because I was so hungry I forced myself up, it's not right, I'm worrying myself with Christmas coming ( I dread and hate Christmas every year ) but this making it 100 times worse, I'm unable to do things with this depression before this un natural sleeping, thank you for listening I keep this to myself so it's a relief to be able to share with you, hope you are ok. X

  • What helps one thing causes another. I've just now read the other posts here. Surely it's the Diazepam which is causing the tiredness. It's used as a muscle relaxant as well as a sedative so it's bound to make you tired. It's a swings and roundabouts problem.

  • Yes your right I think it's a big mixture of withdrawal from sertraline, starting venlafaxine, and as you said taking diazpam which my doctor told me not to take today, and take the medication at night instead of morning see if that helps, but yes your right the diazpam have to stop, thank you for being so caring xx

  • Sandraan, I do feel for your desperation. Yes the venlafaxine will probably work for you. It does for me and many taking it.

    You must be grown up however about this and realise that finding the best drug or mixture of drugs for any of us can take time . Its difficult and the medics can't know exactly what they are trying to cure in any one brain ,and even if they did they would n't know exactly what drug or mixture of drugs to use to do this. Its very difficult . But there is a best drug(s) for you and they will find it if reasonably competent.

    Hang in there it takes time but venlafaxine is pretty good for most. Part of the problem is that few of us can tell a medic exactly what we are going through.

    So we don't have time or insight enough to know exactly what is going on in our heads. When we tell the medics it introduces more errors (of understanding). Then the medic tries to work out what we've got (they don't know enough yet). Then he has to try what is supposed to be the best pill(s). Then you have to communicate back whether its working. Its a wonder that they ever get it right but they usually do in the end and you'll be happy or a least a lot happier, probably with Venlafaxine. but give it a chance.

    Best wishes. Olderal

  • Thanks very much AL you talk a lot of sense and I agree with all you say, but when your constantly sleeping and just can't do anything about it, it does worry you, I went out last week for a beauty appointment based in a large hotel on leaving the room I went and sat down for rest ( I was fortunate to be in a hotel lounge with sofas, as they were serving cream tea ). I just sat down as I felt tied and woke up two hours later !!!! I did keep coming around as my head was dropping everywhere, but I just couldn't wake up, I knew were I was and had to wake up as there was lots of guest going to and from different fuctions in this very large hotel I was in. But I just couldn't wake up, Surely antidpressants shouldn't be having such a bad effect as this !!!!!! But as you say they are, thank so much AL always appreciate your support. Hope you are ok

  • Sandraan, depression (and probably anxiety-I don't know) can make you sleep a lot more or sleep a lot less. The venlafaxine will also affect your sleep patterns and may make you much sleepier until your body gets accustomed to it .

    Try going to bed early as often as you can and take the venlafaxine about an hour and a half before bed.

    They say going on a computer or mobile phone before bed can also give you bad sleep at night (they give off light in the blue spectrum) and this would make you more tired in the day.

    Provided you're getting extra sleep at night that's good. A hot drink before bed will also help (not tea or coffee) as the body tends to shut down a bit i.e. sleep when digesting something. In a way if you're getting extra sleep its much better than less sleep but it makes life a lot easier if this is coming at night rather than the day when you want to be alert and active.

    If we could get you getting a lot of deep sleep at night that would help the daytime situation. If your brain is as bloody minded as mine you'll probably now get a bad night or two. Don't worry about it-you'll survive and eventually your bloody minded brain will give in. Show it who's boss.

    You take care and hang in there. Olderal

  • Thanks Al your messages ALWAYS make me feel better THANKS so much for your support it REALLY does help me get though these bad times, hope your ok

  • Thanks . glad to say I am OK thanks and have been since end July. You will be soon as well.

  • Hi al hope you don't mind me asking but are you on venlafaxine still ?? What dose ?? I'm so pleased youv been well since July (great to hear, when someone's doing good ) keep up the good work, it's great to hear Al

  • Hello Sandraan

    I don't know if I can help but I want to try

    Are you still on the sertraline ?

    If you are I think it's the mixing of both drugs

    I hope your GP can hurry you off the sertraline and increase the new drug

    If you only take small dose of diazepam to help with the withdrawals I doubt it will make you as sleepy as you are . The sleeping I'm sure is your body's way of coping .

    But you must do as your GP suggests

    I also think the more you phone the GP more help you will get instead of suffering in silence ,it is what GP are there for ,have you thought of asking you pharmacist as they know so much about side effects dosages etc .

    I wish I could make you feel better

    Maybe positive is

    How many people have commented on how good venflaxine is

    Once your off sertraline your dose can be increase and I'm sure you'll get better much more quickly

    Please don't feel guilty about how much you sleeping ,I know it's very hard but accept your body needs sleep in order to cope with the drug mixture and withdrawal .theres nothing you can do so enjoy your TV when you are awake

    Honestly some days I sleep 20 ,with breaks in between ,hours a day I get confused as to is it am or pm what day it is and worst is throwing drinks over myself cold drinks not the best way to wake up .

    I do wonder if your dr was feeling like you would he do anything differently !

    Anyway sorry for ranting on

    Really do feel for you

    And I know how awful it is to feel you have wasted a day then days etc

    But I know you will get better

    Love squeak 🐷🐭xxx

  • THANK YOU so much for replying it really does comfort me, I had an emergency appointment today with my GP she told me to stop taking the diazpam which she did prescribe to help me get though the change over, I was on 200mg sertraline, but just going into my second week of 75mg venlafaxine, it's definitely the change in medication I'm having other side effects (feeling sick, dizziness, weird dreams ) etc. But I can put up with them, I just can't do anything but sleep, I have a new lady doctor and I must say she is very caring and so very supporting, and if there was anything she could do, I honestly believe she would, like you said it's the coming off 200mg to start a low dose of venlafaxine until that builds ups there's nothing any one can do including me ( I told my doctor this there's nothing me or you can do, so Iv just got to suffer ) ""unfortunately yes you just have to be patient there's nothing more I can do "") I came home at 11am and sleep till 5.30pm, !!!!! She told me to stop the diazpam

    ( that get me through) and start taking the venlafaxine of a night instead of morning. Thank you so very much squeak it means so very much you being there I need all the support I can get just now, hope your ok xx

  • meant to tick like -not reply.

  • Just a quick thought but you could ask for a lower dose of venlafaxine. I've heard that they're good, but never tried them. x

  • Oh thank for the positive feed Back about venlafaxine, I'm only just on the starting dose, I think it the change from different meds, and venlafaxine are very strong, plus Iv been taking diazpam to help me get though the change, Iv stopped taking them of a morning and stooped the diazpam, to see of that helps ??? But thanks Lynn I need all the poistive feed back I can get about venlafaxine after going though all this they have got to work, how are you, have you been on venlafaxine before ?? Xx

  • It's just what I've heard about them, and several years ago I heard of several ppl that were taking them. Strangely I don't think that I was ever offered them. They are for anxiety and depression, and my aunt takes them present day and says that they are the best. I would try not to read too much into "horror stories" and wish you the best of luck with them xx

  • Oh thank you so much Lynn you have gave me so much comfort ( you really have ) exspaecilly knowning your Aunty takes them and are the best, Thank you so much it keeps me battling on xx

  • I'm glad I can be of some help xx

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