Well my family found out I wasn't eating and I saw how my mum was upset so I've been eating a lot more since then so she wouldn't be upset but every time I do I want to kill myself I hate feeling full I just feel sick for hours after and I feel like making myself sick might be the next step for me and I know this would make my mum upset I just don't know what to do i write here to let it out I know you all say see a doctor that's just not possible as of now my mum had to talk to a teacher about me and I couldn't even talk to her


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  • Hi Leo well if your mum now knows the problems won't she go to the doctors with you and speak on your behalf? Another thing you could do is print out a copy of your previous posts and take them to the doctors. You can just give them to the doctor and wouldn;t need to tell them. I know how difficult it is to talk about these issues especially at your age but it is better than dying isn't it? You need to get proper help. x

  • I understand you know what I am going to say although I am going to say it any way.

    Go See Your GP, with or without your Mam, You need help and medical support so you can go past these dangerous feelings you are suffering from.

    If you do not eat the acid in your tummy will burn the lining. If you eat and ten be sick the acids in your tummy will cause problems that include the acids from your tummy will be brought up and they will burn the mouth and dissolve your teeth.

    See your GP, you need to eat your body needs food to survive


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