Top Five Ways to Deal with Holiday Anxiety

Over the past week or so, via my blog I've been asked for some tips to deal with holiday anxiety over Christmas. Here are my own personal five ways that you can limit stress, anxiety and moderate the symptoms of depression over Christmas.


Please feel free to have a read and if you have any to add yourself, the comments section is waiting for you. Together, I think we could fine tune a worthwhile list and kick anxiety this Christmas.

Thanks for reading and if I don't see you before then - I hope you have the best Christmas you can :)

Ronnie x

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  • Hey Ronnie,

    Nice post.

    Can I also add that there seem to be many people spending Xmas on their own. I truly understand that feeling of loss and depression that sets in at this time. I did it once and vowed never again.

    Some tips (Some general, some Xmas Specific, in no order of recommendation)

    1. Join a charity providing meals for the homeless. They need volunteers Xmas day more than any other

    2. Reach out to friends. If not done already, tell people what you are going through. I did and I now have more support than I can handle. I've actually given my friends "rules" of support now. They have been great.

    3. Use meeting groups like There is a person on her own this year so she opened her house to 7 people registered on the group and they are all alone over Xmas. They are now meeting up instead.

    4. If able, go away over Xmas. it isn't cheap and I understand maybe only a few might be able to do this but I did it one year. Got me through the season.

    Remember, there are always others feeling their own pain. Our pain is our own and there is no pain like your own but being with people who understand can be of immense help.

    All the best and happy xmas

  • I think your idea of getting involved with a charity on xmas day is a fabulous one...To be active in something and able to give to others especially when we are struggling ourselves brings us just as much as we give them

  • Fabulous additions - thank you!

    Have a great Christmas 💚

  • There are a lot of young people who use this site so its good to see someone so young putting so much work into this ....ive just had a quick read of your blog and would like to add that SAD can be helped by getting out in the daylight for a walk when ever its possible as it can help a little which you havnt mentioned and obviously exercise which helps many things.

    Keep up the good work

  • Thank you for your kind words :)

  • Ronnie I have the perfect way to avoid all of the day tomorrow I shall sleep in an hour or two, and not wake until tomorrow night , I otake a couple of Citalopram and my maximum dose of Oramorph ! I know its OK because I never take more than I am allowed, I shall also switch of the doorbell and telephone's, so I will hopefully not be annoyed by unexpected callers, I just pray I don't have any nightmares tonight because I really can't handle them anymore I never know if I am dreaming or am I seeing things from my past or even my future? My memories are very vague if not non existent

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