am in my twenties in a relationship with a partner she's five years older, am bipolar and emotional intensity disorder with low esteem

am in my twenties in a relationship with a partner she's five years older, am bipolar and emotional intensity disorder with low esteem & social anxiety, my relation going the wrong path due to issue occurs with my partner and i need advise maybe i can share here and get helped.

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  • Hello , I'd love to try and help but assuming you have seen a GP and have a correct diagnosis there's not enough information in your post for me to try and help.


  • Thanks for your support, I did finally share my request. I didn't have access to GP but if a need of therapy maybe I could get one, but still want audience review to this situation..

    Sorry for my fair English, least not my native language.

  • I am in a relationship with my partner five years older then me, currently had myself in accommodation problem due to my unit got break-into and was robbed, somehow now am stuck with my girlfriend/baby mama, someone I got in with her, she been planning huge about buying a house, and am very sober in this relationship of mine, she older then me for 5yrs at time am scared to admit when issues arise, due to my bipolar and emotional intensity disorder, have been to down as I haven't been before for few yrs, I had a baby with her in foreign country I am, she finally got herself into this getting approved as she has did previously, she always buy this champagne during my stay with her, while I paid half of her rent, and extra same for her expenses plus extra for the baby, have do too much? to the exceed limit, that got me into her with this house, am only a freelancer with family relay onto, and here I finally caught up with this baby thing, gently before this my life was fair living comfortable, she's been up fronting me with this and that cus of the money I made sending home without even seeing the destination sign which a huge back home for family sustain. And for me living a life with a friend that I fortunately rented an apartment n I did occupied the unit on my own budget, i took her to the place while she notice am the one paying to obtain the unit, and with my low-self esteem which she might have seems as my weakens(maybe), with hard to reject to hurt her needs which am not capable of and she still want me to does, I do support with the baby welfare, and here she again to purchase a house while am with her with the same situation of least 10% she occurs twice before which she can't even afford, ask if I can also help due to i was paying least I wasn't staying alone but with friend which reduce my rent, and was on this occasion she celebrate with this new house and ask which she still can't get the whole amount and she known how much am trying to reschedule my financial budget on low basis task, budget on table I tell her I can't afford any at the moment, she also working and also on some personal debt to figure out..on monthly instalment, am always scared to open up with her with incomes i make at times which not that big as a single dude and have family weight onto, which i stated I can't help with this whole budget I got personal issues she knew abt, I need enough personal time for my personal disorder and need to networking,,,, to be excuse clear my head and focus on something as a business to embrace my incomes I knew this will work but don't want to involve her to this, as am undergoing on low fees for living to save up for my business project, and this house she brought towards me, I won't be able to cope in further due to my income aren't stable but she claim she will cover up things for me which i can sort out back to her afterward i have it, this will make me more deep in debt and won't be able to accomplish with my business project to raise my financial situation, me comes onto me, am stuck to this i try to talk it out with her but still scared, don't want to break her dreams while I still had mine to fix which will help to sustain us, I need breakthrough for my bipolar n personality disorder and financial issues and with this house i felt into a position where there is only one choice to make than to agree with her dreams. She stated this out IT SUCKS WHEN SOME1 MAKES IT A MISSION TO MAKE UR LIFE A MISERY,

    I have insecurity in our relationship too that makes me suspicious she;s cheating I have noticed and taken note of this which i can share a lot about.

  • Hello, I have read your posts and it seems that there is a lot going on in your life, plus your mental health issues. It sounds as if you are not in the UK? I am unable to advise about charities that could possibly help you, in another country. It is the same for Healthcare Services or Welfare Support, sorry. If you are taking medication it might be worth going to see your doctor for a check up, just to make sure the dose is correct. You say you need a breakthrough in the bipolar and personality disorder. In my experience breakthroughs do happen, but are rare. What is more effective is a combination of medication and therapy, this is another reason to go back to the doctor to discuss what therapeutic opportunities there are. As for your relationship difficulties, well in my experience trying to sort things out when unwell is never successful. Go to the doctor, tell them what is going on, take their advice about medication and therapy, give it some time for things to settle, then reassess your relationship.

    Sorry I can't be more help, take care.


  • Thanks for your input to this, I really appreciate and point well taken.

  • Hi if this is your baby which I presume it is you have a responsibility towards it. If you don't want to be with the mother then fine but you need to make sure the baby is ok. That is your first priority.

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