situation depression

situation depression

DONT confuse this with chronic depression, situation depression rises from yes that's right a situation , like being broke, boyfriend ran off, you have no job ect ect , these canal be rectified without meds , just change the situation, real depression is a clinical thing receptors in the brain going wrong and need adjusting with medication. Think of 2 rivers in your brain the both run at the same speed , then 1runs slower you need a med to speed it back to normal , or opposite 1 runs faster you need another type of med to slow it down

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  • Can we help you ??


  • not really bob but thanks I was born this way , has my dad was

  • I totally agree with you, I think it would be really helpful if more people were aware of the different types of depression.

    Lots of people say they have flu when they actually have a cold. I think its the same with depression and it means that people who are really suffering are not taken seriously. I think its created a situation where people think you are just jumping on the depression band wagon or youre just 'trying it on'

    Situational depression is there for a reason- Something in your life is not working-you feel bad- you change the bad situation. Sometimes if you're not sure what in your life is not working for you-you might need a counsellor if you havnt got a friend to talk it through with.

    I read a book called 'confessions of a GP' and the author said a lot of the people GPs treat for depression actually have what they call 'shit life syndrome'. Their shit life has given them chronic depression.

    I feel so sorry for people with depression or who commit suicide who seem to have every thing and no problems. It is such a shock for their family and friends, they always seem to say things like 'the last time I saw them they seemed so happy'. I've heard this called Smiling depression.

    I have had anxiety and depression for over 20 years and I've tried over 20 different treatments. I think I have

    'early onset atypical double depression with psychotic features and avoidant personality disorder.'

    Double depression is chronic depression (dysthyymia) with major depressive episodes. Atypical depression is mood reactive, so if something positive happens mood improves-this is not the case with typical depression.

    I think it is my in ability to form work/social/intimate relationships (which means I've also been living in poverty all my adult life) and that I dont have any family or support networks (I'm very isolated) that drives my depression.

    I dont think though that I have clinical depression which I liken to diabetes type 1 but a condition like diabetes type 2.

    My inability to interact with people has meant I have been bullied a lot and got into a lot of fights. This happened last December at work and I was given a final written warning, I am now facing homelessness. This led to a psychotic breakdown that was terrifying. I am on antipsychotics.

    Studies have shown that the brains of people with chronic depression are different from normal brains. Increased cortisol levels damages and shrinks the hippocampas causing problems with emotion regulation, motivation, long term memory and transfering information into memory. The right posterior parietal cortex resposible for working memory, problem solving and reasoning shows lower activity. The prefrontal cortex responsible for emotion regulation, decision making and memory shrinks and the amygdala is enlarged and more active. This is where emotional memories are stored and is responsible for sleep, activity and hormonal and chemical secretion. agression fear and pleasure.

    When I went back to work after 6 months (i'm doing 13 hours admin) it was so hard. Learning new things and struggling to interact with colleagues. You know when you blow a balloon up over and over and eventually it all sticks together and its really hard to blow up again, well thats what my brain felt like. My colleagues were getting really impatient with me and I got yelled at a few times. Im doing 5 hours volunteering in an office as well. I've been doing these for about 3 months and I really like the work. Ive got an appointment with remploy tomorrow, I really want a full time job in an office. My counsellor has been working on my social interaction with me so I'm hoping I can get a full time job quickly.

    I asked my boss if I could have more hours but she said no.

  • Raine I find your reply very insightful and the topic itself is an interesting one. It is never too late to learn new skills regarding interacting with people; I admire you for the work you are doing and it sounds like you are a determined and courageous person which i admire you for. Let us know how it goes in the future. Gemma

  • No counsel for me , its brain induced close to BIPOLAR 2 , I see the brain has 2 flowing rivers , they both run the same speed when remission . but when 1 side runs slower than the other you need to speed it up with a ssri , if it runs to fast( manic) you need a mood stabilizer . that my simple way of seeing it

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