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autism and depression


I am concerned that when talking with professionals it seems that they are looking at depression as a separate issue, which is confusing as being autistic it most often goes hand in hand with depression and anxiety. I think that more education is needed to address this in the NHS, as often the professional can sometimes make matters worse I am not having a go at the NHS just saying that all services that engage with people need to be aware of there actions and need educated.

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i understand ?

Mental Health can be a matter of cause and affect, the finding out what is causing your problem will allow you to recognize the cause and address your problem. Autism can sometimes make the sufferer look at things in black or white there may be no grey where the middle of the road is not understood. Lack of understanding by others can be a problem. Autistic People can have problems relating to others. People around them like friends and family can have problems, this can lead to Depression and possibly Anxiety for the sufferer

This sometimes cause problems when Autistic Patients are trying to explain their needs.

Most Health Professionals can have problems relating to this type of patient.

Everyone needs to be able to relate to each other that can make life that more difficult to achieve in the case of Autism


you make a good point BOB, when the patient is trying to describe their symptoms or what daily life is like for them, it seems to get lost in translation. Causing frustration on both sides, sadly coming away with no solution.

I agree with this Sharon201. They really need to develop more skills at understanding people's difficulties rather than being brutally clinical and just giving out medication as a "cure all". It's understanding that we need more than anything . x

The lack of understanding I feel makes some appointments go rather badly, and I would not be surprised if the odd professional has been rather put out by the behaviour of the patient.(lack of understanding autism) Hay, we like at ask intelligent questions. I just feel like all the power is in there hands and my have I met with some major egos.

I agree with you on that, why do they suggest something at the person has no interest in, total waste of time. My daughter was sent to a art therapist, great if you like art. My daughter hates art, so you can see where I am going with this. If they (professionals) could just ask/listen they would know that this was not a good pairing and this did not last, therapist could not do her therapy and my daughter was left with limited help.

Hi Depression,Suicidal and Aggression go hand in hand with Autism

Part of it is that others don't understand the person as we talk a different language to them!

As often we are in a far higher IQ level than them

for one our brains don't get bogged down with all the daily junk of must have an iphone/wanna be famous junk so can deal with far more involving matters which are beyond others.

Most medics think we are stupid yet we are already ahead of them when walk in the room.

I'm in the Asperger's camp one reason they deem us as vulnerable adults is because of those things in top line plus can be manipulated.

Yes i have shed loads of issues with Quacks etc for one i know when getting a deaf ear from them which puts us in a defensive mode!

One being like as if a child sitting in corner and there talking over you about you to your parents type situation when it's Hello i'm down here

But art isn't just art in the sense of painting etc but many things even doodling on paper along with making things also acting/drama

Sharon201 in reply to oscarbravo

your are right regarding the IQ, my daughter was assessed by an Educational psychologist and is deemed a genius and was told if she had a secondary education she would be able to walk in to Oxford university, we are still trying to get her an education. I like the way you put "talking a different language".that is spot on. I agree with you on everything you say. Art however my daughter does not even doodle, scribble or hold a pen. There just need to find another way to open up, however she loves intelligent people, thank goodness I am her mother, not sure if she would class me as intelligent. She is funny with fantastic one liners, very dry humour.

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