Apnoea, depression, tense body

Hi, I apologize for my English, Im an Italian girl living in UK. So short story I suffer from depression after a series of bad things happening to me (won't discuss that here) but lets say was pretty bad what happened. Well, in the beginning when my depression and anxiety started kicking in, I only felt extremely tense and agitated and had felt dizzy sometimes even fainting. Was so bad that even when I was happy like nice beautiful event in my daily life, anxiety was kicking in, and even positive emotions were sending me in complete tilt, anxiety at 1000%. Things changed since that horrible start and I became very isolated, I go out only in company of certain friends and I don t feel like doing anything but staying inside house. Well, since like 8 9months now, I suffer APNOEA during night time, I am awake in bed trying to sleep and I jump from bed 5 6 times each night before sleeping because I feel like I can t breath, I feel suffocating like losing my breath. I prefer my ex episodes on anxiety to that. DId this ever happen to you?? Apnoea in depression and anxiety? Also sometimes my body starts having like electric shocks in bed, and my body jumps a centimetre or two from the "electric shock", in bed. Its terrible and so scary. Anybody in my situation? I seen already few doctors as you can imagine, took citalopram for over a year now but is just not going away, actually my depression anxiety symptoms seam to MUTATED and change into something different each few months. Please help me

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Hello Tara

I do not know how long you have been in the UK, ?.

Because of anxiety and your depression you need to visit your Doctor, so you may need to be referred for treatment as I understand you have been on medications for at least one year. I would suggest that you talk to your GP and arrange a treatment plan to try and sort out past problems that have dogged you over the years so you can make changes or put to rest your worrying concerns

We are always around to give support, or have a chat. So you do not need to be a stranger.

Another service on Healthunlocked is Anxiety Support, you may get help and understanding there as well



Hi Bob, I m in uk since five years, and I see my GP on monthly bases, but he prescribed me only Citalopram since a year now, so as you can see I tried to get help through my registered GP since a year now. Is the medication wrong, why my symptoms are getting worst? I tried to explain to my GP all Ive said here but he seams to go on and on with the Citalopram and nothing else. What can I do?


Hi Tara see another doctor. If you are in a group practise you can see anyone you like you know and haven't got to stick to the same one. It sounds like you need a change of meds as often it is a case of trial and error to find one which helps you. x

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Hello love yes anxiety causes several symptoms well hundreds actually, I have experienced the electric shocks and jumping up, gasping for air scary I know, your bodies way of reacting to loss of sleep, do you have things on your mind worries things you need to sort out. I get the shocks or sometimes wake n my body paralysed only when I have things on my mind or tasks I need to do, when this happens to me I know I have to eliminate my worries 1 by 1, I make a list of my worries sort as many as I can in the day, n hey I sleep well no shocks no paralysis, if they come back I sort the worries 1by 1 again. And no affects again try it works for me. I had 4 electric shocks last night because I'm worrying about something n today I'm gonna sort it lol and hopefully sleep like a baby tonight hopeing lol, its your bodies way of saying your mind is exhausted, bit like a computer needs rebooting sometimes empty the rubbish out, hope you don't mind my humour on it, but the brain is a powerful computer that can get overloaded and crash at times, lol your not going mad I've had them years my dear take care try this and please let me know if it works for you too xxx Mandy 😁

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Oh, dear, Tara. You have so many things on your plate. Not the least is living in a foreign country where the culture is quite different from yours. I have some suggestions that just might help.

First and most important, sleep apnea can make you sick, physically and mentally. It's the first thing to fix. Go here for info on NHS available treatments (http://www.nhs.uk/Conditions/Sleep-apnoea/Pages/Treatment.aspx). Make your GP arrange for you to get a machine! Insist! When you get the machine, use it. They are uncomfortable but your brain need the help the CPAP can give. Also, short grey days contribute to depression. See if you can find a light therapy box. 30 minutes in the morning will work wonders - it's proven by science. It's not magic! Your brain will respond to the light waves.

Next, keep a note pad and pen by your bed. When troublesome thoughts wake you, write them down. Just short notes. Tell yourself,"Well, done! I'll work on this problem during the day so now go back to sleep".

Importantly, give yourself lots of pats on the back for living in a foreign country. Not everyone can manage it, so you are a trooper! I'm American but lived in England for 4 years. It took me two years before I could feel myself again. Until then I questioned myself constantly because everyone seemed to think so differently than Like youI, I come from a culture (California) where people place importance on 'feelings'. In England people did their best to hide their feelings! Trust me, after time, those around you will seem normal and predictable and you'll feel more at ease. Now I wish I was back in the UK because American is one sick country, let me tell you.

Because everything and everyone around you are strange and different (and you're even having to learn a new language) depression and anxiety are a perfectly normal response. It's exactly what I went through. But, that being said, you definitely need treatment. Go back to your clinic and find someone who is practiced in prescribing anti-depressants and medication for anxiety. Your GP doesn't know what he's doing. If a medication isn't helping in a couple of months it needs to be rethought.

Don't feel inferior because you are different. Make your needs known when getting help. You are your best advocate and help is out there - you just have to talk to the right people. Don't give up!

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thank you Mandy and Califdream. you are really troopers here helping and giving advise. I will take all the steps you both underlined and hopefully I will be out of the tunnel soon as my depression is caused by severe rough events and actions.. lets call it traumas... and if I react to it as soon as possible I might have the chance to sort it out. I will try the notepad thingy. i found it brilliant as idea. truth is I was able to cope with trauma better years ago. my body is giving me a big no no lately to stress. im glad you both guys found a way to sink these bitchy symptoms that are.. horror episodes for who is living with it. kind regards, Tara


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